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What is MM Black Card?

The MasMusculo Black Card is a virtual card that allows you to accumulate balance that you can use for future purchases on our website. If you want to take advantage of MM Black Card, you can do it of a very easy way.  Accumulate balance in your account thanks to promotions available, or make a video unboxing of your purchase, upload it on our website.

If you want to benefit from Mm Black Card it is very easy, accumulate Black account balance, this balance can can be used on your future shoppings.

How to Accumulate balance?

It's simple, look for products named with Refund, it indicate the amount you will accumulate in your  MM Black Card account. The refund can vary in some products up to 100% of the amount (depending on the promotion). Then it's as easy as buying these products, this balance will be available once the order was delivered. In addition, your balance can also be subsidized in sweepstakes and promotions. 

You can check the accumulated amount by accessing your user account moremuscle.com in the area of ​​MM Black Card.

How will I spend my balance?

You can use your balance accumulated in your MM Black Card in the purchases that you make on our website. If your have available balance, it will appear automatically with the cart in the below space in order to indicate the portion of your balance you want to use to discount on your order, with the only limit of up to 10% of your purchase amount, in selected products in the following categories: Proteins, Healthy food and Sports nutrition. This discount may not be combined with other promotions. 


1. The use of the balance of the MM Black Card is not accumulative to other promotions, and/or other credit notes.

2. The balance is linked to your customer account in Moremuscle.com and its use is personal and not transferable. In any case, it can never be redeemed in cash or in any of our stores.

3. Your balance has no time limit and it can be used when you need. Moreover, partial payments are permitted so, the remaining balance will be always available on your MM Black Card.

4. The use of MM Black Card can be not available, due to promotions with generic discounts which have been applied before in the price of the products.

5.The use of the accumulative balance, will be able to exchange only in selected products in the following categories: Proteínas, Healthy food and Sports nutrition.

Do not miss your black card!