We are pleased to introduce the New MOREmuscle.com. Months of hard work and effort so as to offer you a friendlier website which is also compatible with the newest technology and all kinds of devices.  It is a 100% Responsive website (Adaptable).





We have taken into consideration all your suggestions. Our catalog has been multiplied by 5 over the past years and currently has over 7000 different products. It has really been a challenge to make you easily find what you are looking for and also to make you discover new or similar products according to your goals.


That's why we've created the filters, so you can discriminate the items that you are interested in according to their price, brand, weight or even taste.




In the web's header you will find the access to your customer account. From now on registration and login will be much easier since as well as the traditional access you could also do it through your favorite social networks such as FACEBOOK and Google. We are currently working to add Twitter etc ...


Now in your customer account you have available a list for your “Favorite products”. This way,  you will always have located your essential products.


We have set up the search engine just in the center so you always have it reachable. Our search engine uses the same technology as the major search engines so it will improve with your own searches, offering personalized results just for you.


Then we have decided to separate the shop into sections and remove the traditional menu on the right.  It is much more comfortable!


Fitness: This is where the bulk of the catalog is. You will find the traditional categories and some new ones that have been sued.

Running and Cycling: Dedicated to the sports that are increasingly popular these days. This section have been asked by many customers since most of them do not identify with the traditionally focused on strength products.

Health and Diet: In the past few months, it has been the category that has increased more significantly the number of references, not only for athletes who love healthy foods but also for people who are looking for natural remedies for certain ailments.

Accessories: Here you will find not only gloves, belts and shakers but also a wide range of backpacks, fitness machines, MP3 ... Even the famous Gold's Gym clothes. We are exclusive authorized distributors for Spain, Portugal and Italy since September.

Rebates: The rebates section has been requested for you all to see what products are on special or clearance. Here you have everything well-ordered, depending on the type of offer that interests you most. You also have the filters for more precise searches.

In each section of the store you will find categories and subcategories. For instance, in Fitness, you will find among other categories, protein, and then each of the different types.



It is now possible to compare your favorite products. It is as simple as adding it to your list. You can compare more than two products together with just a few clicks.



Each item in addition to their traditional description has a sheet for flavor, if it had. You can check per service and per 100gr. The novelty is that you will see a yellow Post iT where the uses of the product and the best way to take them in a clear and concise way is explained.


This is the basic operation. You will gradually find more tricks and what is more important, more functionalities.