Trail/Running Shirt for Women v2 from Compressport is a garment worn by women for training or competition that features a technology system called ON/OFF, its function is ventilation according to speed and protect the body from changing weather. In addition, it is of high quality.

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Trail/Running Shirt for Women v2 from Compressport, no seams, so it does not irritate the skin.

Trail/Running Shirt for Women v2 from Compressport is made of light fabrics and without internal seams to avoid hassle or discomfort during training or competition.

Especially it is designed for women, in different colors, it is important to highlight its ON/OFF technology that breathes with you; that is, it regulates ventilation according to the speed of training or competition. ON is used for maximum ventilation during the acceleration phase according to thousands of breathing alveoli which open and let transpire by letting the air enter, thermoregulating based on your intensity. The OFF is to keep you protected from the weather, in case of winter and hot summer air. It should be noted that each movement performed provides a micro massage that brings lightness and well-being to the body.

Trail/Running Shirt for Women v2 from Compressport has six vertical pockets (3 front and 3 back) located so you can easily take creams or gels without leaving aside what is necessary in a race in order to avoid unnecessary movements, maintain concentration and help conserve energy during the race. It also has printed silicone stitches to absorb shocks from some bag and decrease fatigue or discomfort with its straps.

Facts of Trail/Running Shirt for Women v2 from Compressport

  • High breathability due to its ON/OFF technology.
  • Fits your body for comfort.
  • Made of light fabrics.
  • Does not contain internal seams which does not irritate the skin.
  • Its V-neck cut, avoids discomfort in that area.
  • Regulates the ventilation according to the speed of acceleration.
  • Increases oxygenation during intense exertion.
  • Protects the body from different types of climates (winter or summer).

To carry out daily physical exercise is important to wear a good outfit that allows you to feel comfortable, be of quality and to your measure. Also, it is important to take into account the weather, choose an appropriate clothing that adapts to changing situations, that allows to perform the movements without pressure and that provides confidence in yourself especially in the physical activities of high intensity such as a race. Trail/Running Shirt for Women v2 from Compressport, worn only by women, complies with all of the above, thanks to its new ON/OFF technology, it also helps maintain proper position during activity, reduces muscle oscillations, its comfort prevents sportswomen from reducing their performance, has ventilation according to your speed and protects your body from winter and summer. Its comfort is so high that you can take with you the creams you need for any contingency without having to hold them in your hands, losing concentration or performance, as it has 6 pockets especially for easy access.

Recommended Use: must be worn by women during practice or competition.

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