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Racing Overskirt for Women - Compressport

Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport is designed for athletic and feminine women looking for a garment that gives them comfort when exercising. This skirt offers support to the abdominal muscles while ensuring their stability and takes away pressure. This comfortable garment is made of a fabric that removes the sweat and also has zones of ventilation in both sides.

    Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport, for athletic and delicate women.

    Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport provides the abdominal muscles with total comfort. The fabric used to produce this garment completely removes the sweat and makes the skirt remain light at all times. The V-shape of its waist ensures stability and removes pressure on the abdominal area, giving greater comfort and improving physical performance. This skirt has a practical front pocket in which you can store gels, salt tablets or small objects. Its is recommended for female athletes who seek to have total comfort when exercising and looking cute at the same time.

    Athletic ladies can also be feminine and beautiful when training. Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport is a sport garment that stylizes the figure while optimizing the comfort of athletes of any size or constitution. Compressport offers this wonderful skirt in sizes from XS to L. It can be worn alone or on other garments to facilitate the elasticity of women competing in trail running, duathlons or marathons. Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport is fundamentally made to guarantee total comfort to the woman who wears it. This modern skirt is made of flat seams and without the typical elastic located at the top of the common skirts. With no sewing or elastic, the top of the skirt will not overwhelm the waist, thus relieving the pressure in that area, eliminating friction when running and allowing the athlete to feel more comfortable. Ergonomics is one of the hallmarks of Compressport products.

    Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport fits perfectly into the athlete's body and has ventilation zones on both sides. This skirt has a breathable mesh specially made to evaporate the sweat and favor a quick drying The light fabric of this skirt allows it to be easily folded and worn on other garments such as shorts or leggings. By having ventilation areas, Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport ensures that the back, abdomen and thighs are kept dry, fresh, with an ideal and comfortable temperature. Sweating does not have to be a problem. This skirt is made of polyester, contains impermeable fibers that remove sweat without absorbing it, even when practicing high performance exercises that involve excessive sweating. This feature makes the athlete feel much more comfortable. Train without losing your feminine side for a moment. Wear a Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport.

    Facts of Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport

    • Offers support to the muscles of the abdomen.
    • Removes sweat.
    • With flat seams.
    • Without elastic.
    • Ultraventilation mesh.

    By wearing Racing Overskirt for Women from Compressport, you will feel safer, fresher, more comfortable and beautiful when running.

    Recommended Use: wear for running and exercising. Do not wash at high temperatures.

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