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Ultralight Peaked Cap - Compressport

Ultralight Peaked Cap from Compressport is perfect for doing outdoor sports activities. It is very light, weighing less than a hundred grams. It does not absorb moisture, thus avoiding to soak up sweat. It is attached to the head by a fairly safe elastic mesh that further facilitates ventilation. Extremely comfortable and ergonomic.

    Ultralight Peaked Cap from Compressport, light and comfortable.

    Ultralight Peaked Cap from Compressport is a recommended supplement for athletes in general. It is extremely stylish, with the youthful and modern design that characterizes sports goods. Its main function is to protect the face area against the intense sun.

    Also, it prevents the sunlight from causing problems of dazzlement, reason why is perfect for sports such as Frisbee, in which an object in the air must be trapped in an area under the sun. It has the advantage that it is very light, since it scarcely weighs a few hundred grams. To this are added other novel advantages that make it attractive. For example, it is made of materials that prevent the absorption of moisture. This way does not have the so-called effect when it is wet. Also, it is avoided that it is drenched of sweat, which in the long run can generate bad smells or little hygiene. The liquid that is accumulated on its surface, always dries very quickly. In addition, it has the novelty of an elastic mesh that serves to fasten it to the head, which allows a better fit and ergonomics.

    A peak allows people to have a cap that does not cover the entire head, but at the same time still have the frontal protection against the sun. With this accessory, better ventilation of the hair and scalp is allowed, allowing sweating not to soak this area of ​​the body. It is also more comfortable and versatile, being used in areas such as beaches, mountains and sites in general where both sunshine and sunshine can dazzle. In this case, Ultralight Peaked Cap from Compressport has a number of additional advantages. First, it happens that it is very light and people can carry it almost without realizing that they are wearing it. It has an elastic mesh that ensures its attachment to the head, being the same enough flexible and increases the factor ventilation. In addition, it is guaranteed that it does not absorb moisture at all, so it does not accumulate any trace of sweating. The latter makes it very hygienic, being also perfect in the event of rain or avoid being soaked by any environmental condition.

    Facts of Ultralight Peaked Cap from Compressport

    • Peak for shading
    • With elastic clamping mesh
    • Very ergonomic
    • Does not capture moisture or perspiration
    • Elegant and attractive design

    It is a sports accessory that combines both elegance, ergonomics and excellent design. Without a doubt, ideal for athletes and people who love athletic routines.

    Recommended use: use it whenever you want to do outdoor sports routines, thus protecting against sunshine.

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