Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport is an ideal sports accessory for those who practice tennis, volleyball, golf or simply want a peaked cap that protects sight from the sun's ultraviolet rays and perspiration caused by exertion, without absorbing moisture, keeping its lightness.

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Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport does not retain moisture.

Athletes need the best to be able to perform at their best in training and contests. In this way, Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport has been created, which is made of durable, hydrophobic material (from Greek, combining the words hydrós = water, and fobos = horror), which means that it is waterproof, repels water, so that it will remain light at all times keeping your performance and protection to the maximum.

Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport not only has these important benefits from the material with which it is made, but also its novel design, which in addition to coming in 2 attractive colors, comes with a design that allows the ventilation and release of heat, ie, allows the evaporation of sweat , thus avoiding the accumulation of sweat, regardless of the temperature or duration of the training. One of the main functions of Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport is to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and the sweating caused by the physical effort so that the user can practice sport efficiently without affecting his performance in a negative way. It will keep your sight clear so you can hit it to the ball without any problems. With Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport, you can say goodbye to all those caps and peaks with a non-waterproof material that will not dry, stay moist and poor ventilation, irritating your skin and decreasing your performance. It should be noted that the material with which the wonderful Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport is made is antibacterial and completely washable.

Facts of Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport

  • Made of the highest quality materials.
  • Strong and durable fabrics.
  • Waterproof and antibacterial materials.
  • Does not retain moisture and is a light peak at all times.
  • Protects your sight from the sun's rays while exercising.
  • Good ventilation is obtained in the area of the head.
  • Can be hand washed or with a washing machine.
  • 2 attractive colors and a practical design.

Peaked Cap Limited Edition from Compressport is ideal for anyone who practices tennis, volleyball, golf, or any type of outdoor sport that wants to protect their sight from ultraviolet rays and sweating, regardless of how intense and long lasting the training is, in addition, it allows ventilation of the area allowing heat to escape and to keep light at all times, as it does not retain moisture or sweat, thanks to its hydrophobic fibers.

Recommended Use: put on and adjust in the area of the head until it fits perfectly.

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