Compressive Tights USV2 - Compressport

Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport are made of ultra silicone that helps to diminish the possible diseases that may appear in the legs, in addition it diminishes pains from varicose veins, the clotting of the blood and swelling in the legs giving them well-being and lightness.

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Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport, ideal for providing well-being and lightness.

Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport are widely used to alleviate symptoms since they are made of ultra silicone at the bottom that absorb the shock waves generated by the tread, their operation is very simple, through the pressure in the nearby tissues are balanced venous pathologies, reducing the possibility of diseases associated with them. Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport exert the necessary pressure to keep the muscles as firm as possible and the pressure is usually decreasing; that is, it favors the venous return.

Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport are ideal for any physical activity, sports, during strong training, competition and even in recovering from injury. It can also be worn by people who have a daily job that requires many hours of standing and can become tired and overloaded in the legs and, more importantly, this product works for those people who require frequent air travel and get swollen legs or those who suffer from pains due to varicose veins, with Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport, they will feel relief.

Facts of Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport

  • Ideal for any physical practice.
  • Reduces the accumulation of toxins.
  • Accelerates venous return.
  • Ideal for people with circulation problems.
  • Absorbs shock waves generated at each tread.
  • Decreases the pain of varicose veins in the legs.
  • Acts as a therapy for venous problems.
  • Prevents blood clotting, especially after surgery or injury.
  • Increases the fluidity of the blood and prevents the loss of heat in the area.

When a person has undergone surgery or stays a long time standing because of their work they are at risk of forming blood clots. In addition, we all know that in most cases varicose veins get worse with aging to the point of producing pains that become unbearable in the legs. To combat that problem, it is important to wear Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport, which reduces toxin accumulation, prevents blood clotting in the circulation, decreases leg pain either through fatigue, injury or varicose veins, improves blood flow back to the heart, keeps the heat in the area and is ideal for anyone who practice sports; maintaining well-being.

Recommended Use: Compressive Tights USV2 from Compressport should be used daily, it is advisable to wear them in the morning, moment in which the legs are not swollen.

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