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Underwear Multisport Shorts v2 - Compressport

Underwear Multisport Shorts v2 from Compressport is the reinvention of everything that had already worked very well so far. It can be used by cyclists as well as runners, swimmers and others. It fits especially well to your body and protects you during and after physical training.

    Underwear Multisport Shorts v2 from Compressport, contains a waist support that helps improve the position of the person.

    This shorts is able to perfectly fit the body and is longer than the models of the same class, allowing it to cover a greater part of the thigh of the athlete.

    These shorts are part of a long list of sports accessories that are ideal for those who practice cycling, swimming or racing, since in this class of sports there is a constant friction that has a negative impact, especially on the thighs. The advanced technology used in these shorts makes them able to give you greater protection during and after training. During because the mesh fiber is able to protect you from the vibration of the muscles of the legs and consequently, to mitigate the weakening of the muscle fibers. And after, it helps you recover more quickly from physical exhaustion, as its design and technology stimulates blood flow and at the same time reduces ailments and inflammations. Among other features.

    The first feelings when you wear this mesh is that of extreme comfort and naturalness in the movements. So much that you could even feel that it fits you as if it were a second skin. In spite of being "just a pair of sports shorts", their design and incorporation of state-of-the-art technology make them almost a necessity for any athlete who wants to draw 110% in each of their training and competitions.

    Facts of Underwear Multisport Shorts v2 from Compressport

    • Supports the waist to help you maintain a better position.
    • Mitigates the muscular vibration and consequently, its effects.
    • Absorbs shocks and provides support to the knee.
    • Reduces symptoms of muscle weakness.
    • Helps to reoxygenate the blood and to evacuate the lactic acid after the training.
    • Protects against pain and inflammations.

    Compressport, a renowned Swiss company that, despite being only 7 years old, thanks to the quality of its products as it is always innovating and keeping abreast of new technologies in the world of sports, it has managed to create a good reputation and remain at the forefront when it comes to specialized accessories to enhance the physical performance of professional athletes. The secret of the effectiveness of each of the products that Compressport brings to market is that they have been designed under the most rigorous standards of quality and put to the test by specialists in biomechanics.

    Recommended use: it is best to take advantage of all the high technology that Compressport has incorporated into these shorts for athletes, both in your usual training sessions, but especially in professional high impact competitions.

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