Backpack Ultrun for Men from Compressport has been designed for ultra-trail competitions. It adapts to the anatomy of the back. It is very light. It does not have zips that are damaged or locked. It allows to have up to 10 pockets that serve to protect the necessary implements for the sports course.

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Backpack Ultrun for Men from Compressport

Backpack Ultrun for Men from Compressport is ideal for Ultra-Trail races, ie, long distance mountain races. For this reason, it has been designed to be extremely comfortable and able to carry all the accessories needed by runners in this sport that is characterized by its constant contact with nature. It is made from materials that do not generate heat.

Also, its design can do without seams or stitches, which generate friction and discomfort. In addition, it is designed to be very stable, avoiding rebound or lack of stability during a race. Therefore, it is highly recommended to carry out this sport activity so demanding. In addition, it allows you to carry with you all the accessories necessary to carry out this type of competition. This happens because it has space and pockets where you can take changes of clothes, blankets, jackets, hydration containers and other accessories. It does not have zips that can be damaged and generate drawbacks. To all this is added that it is elegant and that its design is perfect to be exhibited. For all this, it is 100% recommended for ultra-trail competitions.

The ultra-trail races have the peculiarity that they take place in rugged areas and difficult to transit. This forces the runners to climb, jump, avoid obstacles and use a series of implements to complete the course. For this reason, they need a backpack that allows them to carry the necessary tools and accessories to help them cope with such a demanding type of competition. For this reason, Backpack Ultrun for Men from Compressport has been designed, which is a great help to compete in an ultra-trail race successful. It has large pockets to organize the gear. It also allows you to carry a bottle of up to 600 ml for hydration, which can be taken without the need to take off the backpack. Also, it manages to adapt to the anatomy of the back for a greater ergonomy and that way to avoid jumps or to become an uncomfortable weight to carry on your back. For all these reasons, ultra-trail runners can be confident that this product is able to help them perform better thanks to its many benefits.

Facts of Backpack Ultrun for Men from Compressport

  • For Ultra-Trail races
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • 10 large pockets for a large amount of equipment
  • No zips
  • Allows to carry hydration container
  • No edges or seams that cause chafing

This fantastic backpack helps you to perform ultra-trail races with all the comfort. Large number of pockets, light weight, ergonomic condition and stability when worn on the back.

Recommended use: fill it with all necessary implements, put it on the back and prepare for an ultra-trail race.

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