Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport is designed with the latest technology to meet the expectations of demanding athletes who prefer a modern garment that provides comfort and support while exercising. This ergonomic and lightweight shorts fit the abdominal, gluteal, hamstring and quadriceps muscles.

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Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport, technology to train.

Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport optimizes the physical performance of the athlete by offering comfort and ease of movement. This high quality shorts support the buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps, reducing muscle vibration and fatigue while propitiating rapid recovery. The bad odors and the sweat are neutralized thanks to the antibacterial material with which this garment was made. The V-shape of its elastic waistband provides stability and removes pressure on the stomach and lumbar area. Its use is recommended for athletes who practice trail running and seek total comfort when exercising.

The technology used by Compressport to make this shorts allows it to adapt to various climatic conditions and to all types of body. Their fabrics provide a small massage in each movement as they feature the Massaging-Fiber technology. The waistband has silicone imprints on the inside so that it fits better to the abdominal area. The hydrophobic fabric of the strong Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport removes sweat without absorbing it. The Power-Climb technology, with silicone impression on the thighs, allows the athlete to support his hands on the most difficult climbs without slipping.

Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport has a fabric that allows breathability. This garment has ventilation zones and has an antibacterial respiratory mesh specially manufactured to evaporate the sweat, to eliminate the bad odor and to repel water. Thanks to this design Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport keeps the lower back, abdomen and thighs dry, fresh and with an ideal temperature throughout the exercise. The modern Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport offers athletes comfort. This top quality shorts have a series of pockets distributed in strategic places so that the athlete can keep different accessories. In addition, it is made of flat seams, without strings or zippers. With no seam, the upper part of the shorts will not overwhelm the waist, thus relieving the pressure in that area, eliminating friction when running and ensuring that the athlete feels more comfortable while exercising. Enjoy freedom in each of your movements using the comfortable and adjustable Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport.

Facts of Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport

  • Offers muscle support.
  • Removes sweat and bad odor.
  • Ultra light.
  • Impermeable.
  • Massaging-Fiber Technology.

Optimize your workouts by dressing properly with quality clothes. Wear the innovative Trail/Running Shorts v2 from Compressport.

Recommended Use: wear for running and exercising. Do not wash at high temperatures.

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