Trail/Running Sleeveless Shirt v2 from Compressport adapts to the body biomechanics. Its 3D DOTS technology helps maintain a better thermic balance in the different phases of a workout. First, it gets the body to ventilate when there is maximum effort.

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Trail/Running Sleeveless Shirt v2 from Compressport, without seams which would generate friction.

Trail/Running Sleeveless Shirt v2 from Compressport is designed for men. It is ideal for better physical performance and achieve better results in sports.

This is achieved thanks to its ingenious 3D DOTS technology, which allows to do without seams that would lead to scratches and skin problems. However, its greatest advantage is that the material with which this garment is made expands and contracts with great ease, generating the so-called ON/OFF effect. The latter means that this shirt opens its alveoli at the moment of dilating and closes when compressed. In this way, it achieves that the body receives a high ventilation when it makes a sustained effort, that is, when the temperature rises and therefore a mechanism that allows to be cooled for a better thermic control is needed. However, in moments of rest this garment maintains body temperature, which is important since it has been demonstrated that a sudden drop in temperature after a remarkable physical effort can bring inconveniences.

Garments for athletes need to activate the human body. In the case of this shirt, an important aspect has been taken into account. We refer to the fact that when starting a routine of high physical demand requires a greater quantity of oxygen. To increase this process of oxygenation, it is necessary that the lungs expand, which is achieved thanks to general dilatation of the rib cage. The latter implies an anatomical variation that leads to suffocation if the garment worn is extremely narrow, that is why, clothing that can expand comfortably have been chosen. This is the case of Trail/Running Sleeveless Shirt v2 from Compressport, which adapts to these changes in body biomechanics. To this it is added that their fabrics are of the type ON/OFF, that is, they open when they expand and therefore they facilitate the necessary ventilation when the body requires to be cooled. On the other hand, they allow the organism to maintain its temperature at the moment of the rest pause, so that the organism is self-regulating thermally, without abrupt temperature drops that could lead to problems later.

Facts of Trail/Running Sleeveless Shirt v2 from Compressport

  • Powered by 3D DOTS technology
  • Expands and contracts according to the biomechanics of the body
  • Allows the body ventilation at the moment of maximum demand
  • Maintains the temperature in cases of rest
  • No seams that would generate friction
  • Anti-stress type neck

Thanks to this shirt, you can have a garment that can adapt to every circumstance of physical training. Comfortable, light and in various sizes for different people.

Recommended use: wear only for sports, it is not for everyday use.

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