Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport provides unique ergonomic maintenance during the effort. Its helps maintain a perfectly straight position. Designed with the highest technologies, more efficient fabrics and intelligent making. Designed in seamless fabrics, it will give you a perfect ergonomic support.

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Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport is the perfect shirt to train and compete.

Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport is a smart garment designed in seamless fabrics, it will give you a perfect ergonomic support during the effort. Its 3D position helps you maintain an upright position. It also ensures unmatched comfort and allows you to remain efficient even after 8 hours of running. This version also has Fiber On/Off Ventilation. By automatically opening its thousands of alveoli, the On/Off fiber increases the oxygenation during an intense effort. By closing, protects elements and reduces muscle swings. Mounted on an On/Off model, one of the latest innovations, it features the interactive fiber that breathes with you and regulates its aeration according to the intensity of the effort.

Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport It has vertical pockets, 3 in the front and 3 in the back. It is perfectly structured, with easy access and designed so that nothing gets out. It has a backpack shock absorption. The silicone pieces on the shoulders control and prevent any movement of the backpack, this absorbs any shock of the straps on the shoulders to prevent muscle tension and fatigue. Avoid unnecessary rotations, so that you keep all your energy in your stride. In addition, it stands out incredibly for its interactive fabric that breathes with you adjusting to the intensity of your effort.

Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport has, directly woven into the material, a zone of light compression that allows stay straight throughout the exercise, to align the shoulders and stay in a good position to make long-term efforts such as long distance triathlon, marathon, half marathon, among others. It also has a silicone band that surrounds the waist and ensures that the top is always in place, regardless of the position in which the user is. The fibers and the cut have been carefully studied so that the triathlon shirt fits perfectly to each line of the body to provide excellent comfort.

Facts of Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport

  • Allows to maintain the correct position during the effort.
  • Does not irritate and prevents friction even in the most sensitive areas.
  • Features a V-neck.
  • The zip opens by offering greater freedom at the level of the rib cage.
  • The protection cell eliminates all irritation.
  • The head of the zipper does not wobble as it runs.
  • Each movement causes a micro massage.
  • Brings comfort and lightness.
  • Patented fiber.

Trail/Running Shirt v2 from Compressport has advanced technology, improved finishes and details for your comfort and performance. Designed and developed to give you freedom of movement. Just concentrate on your career, training, and above all, on your goals.

Recommended use: as a sports accessory, wear in training or competitions.

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