Trail Hurricane Windbreaker from Compressport is a jacket that helps protect runners who perform outdoor activities from the force of the wind and rain. It has the advantage that it is extremely light, in addition to being simple to fold and carry in a backpack. In addition, it is made of elastic fibers that make it fit the body.

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Trail Hurricane Windbreaker from Compressport

Trail Hurricane Windbreaker from Compressport is an excellent jacket designed to protect from the coldest and strongest winds during sports competitions. It is a garment that covers the entire upper body, but is also transportable because it is light.

It is offered in four different sizes so that people can choose the one that best fit their anatomy. In addition, it manages to give the user maximum resistance and protection. It is made of an exclusive ventilation mesh combined with an excellent active microfiber. In this way, a certain level of perspiration is also allowed to prevent sweat from accumulating in the body. It is very easy to fold, and you can even carry it in the palm of your hand when it is not worn. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to place it in a backpack without taking up much space. When wearing it, it has the advantage that it is totally waterproof. In the area of the back features the 3D technology Back Pack Extensor, this is a fabric in the back area endowed with a remarkable elasticity, which allows the jacket to be removed during the race without needing to slow down the training pace.

In ultra-trail races or in the practice of hiking one of the recurring problems is that it rains or blows an intense breeze. To protect themselves from such weather conditions, runners need to wear a jacket that needs to fulfill at least a double function. The first is to protect against the weather, humidity and low temperatures. The second concerns the fact that it should be light and easy to carry. This two properties are met in Trail Hurricane Windbreaker from Compressport. It is a garment made of polyamide and polypropylene which give it a great elasticity. It has a hood to protect the head, sleeves that adjust with tension in the palms and features the 3D technology Back Pack Extensor for the back area. It is very easy to fold, because it can be carried in a bag with comfort and even in the hand. It is also made of 100% waterproof material that adapts to the body and prevents the so-called "candle effect" when the breeze blows against the athlete.

Facts of Trail Hurricane Windbreaker from Compressport

  • Protects against wind and cold
  • Foldable, can be carried comfortably in a bag
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fits the body
  • With the 3D Technology Back Pack Extensor
  • Ideal for ultra-trail or hiking
  • Fully ergonomic

Thanks to this jacket, there is a garment that is comfortable and easy to carry with you, while protecting against the cold, the inclemency of the rain and the strongest breezes.

Recommended Use: wear this garment when the weather conditions require it, and then keep it again.

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