Compressive Short TR3 Brutal from Compressport is a garment designed on the basis of medical specifications adapted to sports. Its design allows to improve the blood circulation and helps to give as much energy as vitality to the lower part of the body. They also allow greater endurance and accelerate physical recovery after intense exercise.

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Compressive Short TR3 Brutal from Compressport, ideal for reducing fatigue.

Compressive Short TR3 Brutal from Compressport is developed with advice on medical technology, but taking into account the specific needs of athletes.

It is made of an ultralight mesh, so it is not annoying or generate the feeling of wearing a heavy and uncomfortable garment. The way this product is made achieves a gradual medical compression, which helps to stimulate a more efficient blood circulation. In this way, it is achieved to provide better oxygenation and nutrients to the area of ​​the thighs, hip, glutes and legs. This is of great importance, especially in the case of sports where the lower limbs are subjected to an arduous, intense and prolonged training program. Another of its advantages is that they give more energy and therefore allow to remarkably improve the performance of any athlete. In addition, it has a pocket perfectly designed to allow freedom of movement and at the same time carry accessories such as energy gels, personal keys or cell phone. Their seams are designed to prevent scratches and uncomfortable sensations of any kind.

This garment is perfect for those running, marathons, cycling, tennis or any sports plan where the legs are the anatomical area that has the most responsibility in sports work. Its weight is very low, as soon as it reaches the 99 grams, reason why is almost imperceptible for the body. It is also extremely comfortable and ergonomic. To this it is added that it has seams with V-finish, which minimizes friction and possible damages by the contact with the skin. Perhaps, the best feature of this product is that it achieves an anatomical pressure on the musculature, thus achieving a harmonious blood flow. The latter is of enormous relevance, since with adequate blood irrigation, the thighs and legs in general have a much more powerful oxygenation. In this way, the sensation of premature tiredness in the lower limbs is eliminated. Likewise, it is possible to reduce the rest times after a demanding sports routine. All these advantages make this garment an ideal accessory for anyone who likes to perform sports activities.

Facts of Compressive Short TR3 Brutal from Compressport

  • Very light garment
  • Fits the body with ease
  • No seams to cause uncomfortable rubbing
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases energy and reduces fatigue

With these fantastic shorts, it is possible to optimize the activity of the legs in the people who practice sport. They are comfortable, elegant and improve athletic performance.

Recommended Use: use in high performance workouts. Also in triathlon or running competitions. Do not put in a tumble dryer and do not use fabric softeners.

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