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Tank Top TR3 Aero - Compressport

Tank Top TR3 Aero from Compressport is a garment for sports activity. It has the advantage that it is made using ON/OFF technology. This means that it has thousands of alveoli that close and open to allow successive stages of body ventilation or thermal stability.

    Tank Top TR3 Aero from Compressport does not accumulate sweating.

    Tank Top TR3 Aero from Compressport is a garment recommended for any kind of athlete.

    Its design is extremely smart, as it adapts to the biomechanics of the body with great ease. To achieve this, it is made of an elastic material of the ON/OFF type. The latter means that by stretching the spaces between their fibers open, thus increasing ventilation. Instead, when compressed, these spaces are closed and then they achieve the opposite effect, that is, they manage to maintain a stable body temperature. This is very useful, because when the athletes make their maximum effort they require ventilation to maintain an adequate thermal balance. However, when they are in recovery phase after intense physical activity, they should be safe because it is not prudent a sudden drop in body temperature at the end of the exercise. In this way, this product is available as an excellent alternative to accompany the cycles of effort and rest that every athlete does in their workouts.

    This excellent shirt is much more than a simple garment. It is made of a material that has thousands of alveoli that open when the fabric expands or close when it is compressed. In addition, it does not have seams that generate scratches or discomfort on the skin. It allows total freedom of movement. It adapts to the biomechanics of sports. It happens that when an athlete makes his or her maximum effort they need more oxygen. Therefore, the body adapts. In the same way in which the nostrils expand, it happens that the rib cage expands so that the lungs have more bellows. If the clothing that is worn does not allow this opening, then the athlete suffocates. However, this last thing does not happen with Tank Top TR3 Aero from Compressport as it is flexible and dilates next to the body. In addition, when this happens, their cells open and allow the necessary ventilation that helps to cool. On the other hand, when it is at rest, the thoracic cage becomes its original size and the shirt is closed to maintain the temperature and allow the body to balance with its own regulation.

    Facts of Tank Top TR3 Aero from Compressport

    • Powered by ON/OFF technology
    • Expands and contracts with anatomy
    • Allows ventilation when body needs it
    • Keeps the temperature at rest
    • Does not accumulate moisture or perspiration
    • Without seams, which generate uncomfortable friction
    • Ergonomic and perfect for sport

    Wearing this garment, athletes have the advantage of having an outfit that adapts to the phases of the exercise. It allows ventilation at maximum effort and helps a thermal balance at rest.

    Recommended Use: use in high performance workouts. Also in triathlon or running competitions. Do not tumble dry and do not use fabric softeners.

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