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Timing Chip Strap - Compressport

With Timing Chip Strap from Compressport is possible to carry the timing chip safely. It is a great accessory for lovers of running, marathoners and triathlon practitioners. Made of excellent quality materials, such as neoprene and with a Velcro fastening strap. Avoid chafing and any kind of discomfort.

    Timing Chip Strap from Compressport, perfect for wearing in marathons.

    Timing Chip Strap from Compressport is a product that is very useful for those who jog or like to run regularly in fully organized events. However, ideally it should be worn by those who participate in competitions on a regular basis.

    It is a small accessory but that does not cease to be necessary and quite comfortable for the function that was designed. We refer to it as a strap to hold the so-called timing chip. In this way, this accessory can be carried with total safety, allowing people to focus exclusively in the competition, without being misled or distracted thinking of the chip. In this way, they can perfectly time. To this it is added that the product Timing Chip Strap from Compressport is made in Neoprene and with velcro closure. It is ergonomic, comfortable, very firm to prevent the chip from falling. Avoid any kind of friction and without doubt is a perfect accessory.

    In running competitions, marathons or triathlons, you need to know exactly the times of each specific competitor. To this end, Timing Chip was invented, a small accessory that can be detected by specific equipment and used to know exactly the time and position of a specific runner. It is perfect in marathon-type competitions, where there are a lot of people involved and the organizers need some tool to know the status of the competition at all times. Of course, its biggest advantage is that it gives runners an information about their travel times, which is the basic information to improve sports performance. However, one of the disadvantages of the chip is the way to carry it, as it would be very uncomfortable for the athletes to carry it in a hand. For that reason, products like Timing Chip Strap from Compressport were invented. This elegant gadget, made of neoprene and velcro closure, helps to carry the Timing Chip comfortably and safely. Therefore, it is widely recommended and is absolutely necessary for any runner, be it amateur or professional.

    Facts of Timing Chip Strap from Compressport

    • Comfortable and safe
    • Made of neoprene material
    • With velcro closure
    • Prevents any type of chaff
    • Perfect for running, marathons or triathlons

    The use of a timing chip has become necessary for certain competitions. This product helps to carry it safely and without any inconvenience.

    Recommended use: put the chip in the compartment, then close with the velcro and fasten with the strap designed for this purpose.

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