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Running Long Socks PRSV3 - Compressport

Running Long Socks PRSV3 from Compressport are ergonomically designed to ensure blood flow and maintain adequate ventilation in the feet avoiding rubbing and blistering. Its use is recommended for athletes looking for comfort when running. These wonderful and modern socks are seamless and made without uncomfortable elastics.

    Running Long Socks PRSV3 from Compressport, dry and comfortable feet.

    Running Long Socks PRSV3 from Compressport manufactured by Compressport are specially designed to stimulate the blood flow of the athletes while they are exercising, improving their physical performance and avoiding the points of pressure and the friction when absorbing the moisture. Its use is recommended for athletes who want to have total comfort when running, avoiding any blisters or sores on the feet.

    Compressport used state-of-the-art technology in the production of the modern Running Long Socks PRSV3. On the back of the socks 3D.DOTS were included to protect the Achilles tendon. These small points serve as shock absorbers to avoid friction and pressure from high-impact exercises. 3D.DOTS absorb moisture as they allow air to circulate freely between points, leaving the foot dry and preventing it from slipping when running. Without a doubt, Running Long Socks PRSV3 guarantees total comfort. These special socks are made without seams and without the typical elastic located on the top of the common socks. By not having elastic, Running Long Socks PRSV3 do not compress the calf or the ankle, thus relieving the pressure in that area and allowing the athlete to feel more at ease. These wonderful socks have a seamless toecap. The soft surface of these socks provides great comfort when running, avoiding any rubbing or blistering on the toes. Ergonomics is one of the badges of Compressport products.

    Running Long Socks PRSV3 from Compressport were designed with a pyramidal shape of the arch support to optimize product ergonomics and efficiency. This type of design places the ventilation areas around the arch ensuring it is kept dry and cool with an ideal and comfortable temperature. To ensure there is ventilation over the entire surface of the sock, Compressport added a mesh around the ankle, the upper part of the foot and the toes to increase the feeling of lightness and comfort. These areas of ventilation distributed in strategic locations make the sock to stimulate perspiration, effectively eliminating moisture and sweat. By maintaining an ideal temperature, Running Long Socks PRSV3 prevent feet from overheating and as a result of blistering. Make the most sense by being comfortable and light with the wonderful Running Long Socks PRSV3 from Compressport.

    Facts of Running Long Socks PRSV3 from Compressport

    • Stimulates circulation.
    • Keeps your feet dry.
    • Prevents sores and blisters.
    • Seamless.
    • Ultraventilation mesh

    Using this product your only concern is to achieve your goals. Running Long Socks PRSV3 from Compressport will keep your feet ventilated and free of blisters.

    Recommended Use: use for running and exercising.

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