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Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 - Compressport

Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport is a sock specially designed for those who are runners or practice related sports. These specialized socks, made from the most hard-wearing and long-lasting materials, will give you better circulation to your lower extremities, as well as ventilate and protect your foot and ankle from shocks and sores.

    Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport offers maximum comfort for runners.

    Athletes need the best accessories to perform to the maximum and one of the most used accessories for athletes are the socks, in this way were created Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport which stand out for improving the circulation of the foot, since it activates and stimulates blood flow in this area of the body improve the performance of the same, and are extremely light, being made of an ultralight mesh, which provides great comfort for the foot and provides maximum freshness, because it is obtained an optimum ventilation when wearing these wonderful socks keeping the foot and ankle light, fresh and dry.

    Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport in addition to all these benefits provided by its materials, it also provides special benefits for its design, and one of these is to have an anti-slip technology, which ensures maximum grip of the sock at the foot, also preventing it from twisting or wrinkling, which prevents friction that can cause blisters and irritations on the foot. In addition, thanks to its high cut design, not only protects the foot but also the ankle and provides special protection in the tip of the foot and Achilles tendon, thanks to its ergonomic design, as it covers the fingers without fold, compression or suffocation of the same and strengthen the position of the foot, which leads to a stronger and more balanced step. It comes in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL) with which you can choose the ones that fit your foot.

    Facts of Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport

    • Made of the highest quality fabrics.
    • Stimulates blood flow in the feet.
    • Absorbs and dampens the shocks received on the foot.
    • Non-slip technology and the product evaporates moisture.
    • Ventilation of the foot, avoiding overheating of the foot.
    • Prevents rubbing risks.
    • Protects the Achilles tendon and offers maximum comfort.
    • Fully washable.
    • Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

    Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport is ideal for athletes especially those who run long distances, thanks to its hard-wearing and long-lasting material, which protects the entire foot and ankle, while protecting especially the tips of the fingers and the Achilles tendon, making sure that the foot breathes and preventing it from sliding, thanks to its non-slip technology. Long Socks Running Ultralight V3 from Compressport will be the best friends of athletes.

    Recommended Use: use with the size that is more comfortable.

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