Running Socks Ultralight V3 from Compressport are ideal for joggers, running lovers and marathon runners. Its function is to guarantee a better blood circulation thanks to its 3D.DOTS technology. Also, it is devoid of elastic hem, has protection for the Achilles tendon and contains the so-called ArchStim support to protect the plantar support.

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Running Socks Ultralight V3 from Compressport, excellent sports socks to run comfortably.

Running Socks Ultralight V3 from Compressport designed for joggers, marathon runners and all those who perform similar sports.

They are made using the 3D.DOTS technology, which contributes to boost the blood circulation and to absorb the shocks produced by the continuous movement. In the posterior zone, they are specially reinforced to protect the Achilles tendon, since they have a damping effect for the friction and the pressure. Regarding the blood circulation, the first thing to indicate is that they do not have an elastic hem, so they do not create an obstacle to irrigate the lower limbs. Likewise, it has the so-called ArchStim support, which has a pyramidal shape in the plantar support, thus achieving better ergonomics and efficiency of the sock in general. In its toecap is completely devoid of seams to avoid rubs and sores on the toes, which are uncomfortable and often prevent the regular training work. Finally, they are made of a mesh with hyperventilation that allows to cool the footsteps, while being more hygienic as it avoids accumulating sweating.

Fitness training, weight-loss exercises, and endurance activities often involve jogging to achieve metabolism. However, this type of physical work leads to wear of the joints of the foot, has an impact on the Achilles tendon and can also generate as much friction as calluses that eventually trigger discomforts that prevent the achievement of sports programs. To avoid such drawbacks, accessories such as Running Socks Ultralight V3 from Compressport have been created. It is an accessory designed to take care of athletes' feet. It is made using the famous 3D.DOTS technology, which provides very soft pressure points on the skin, but which generate a kind of massage that stimulates the circulation of blood with great ease. They also have a mesh to hyperventilate these lower limbs, thus making the feet are cooler and do not accumulate sweating. In this way, infections and possible attacks of fungi are avoided. To all this is added that it is designed to soften the foot and avoid bruising.

Facts of Running Socks Ultralight V3 from Compressport

  • For runners
  • Powered by 3D.DOTS technology
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Protects the Achilles Tendon
  • Improves and protects the tread
  • With hyperventilation mesh
  • Without elastic hem

All lovers of jogging or marathoners need this accessory. Thanks to it, they will be able to have some feet more irrigated of blood and protected to the maximum to follow their plans of training.

Recommended Use: wear these socks when doing sports activity, they are not for everyday use.

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