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Cycling Socks Ultralight Bike V3.0 - Compressport

Cycling Socks Ultralight Bike V3.0 from Compressport are one of the best accessories for those who practice cycling. They have the ability to improve blood flow in the feet. They also improve the biomechanical function, protect the Achilles tendon and improve the plantar support. They have no seam at the tip, so they prevent blisters and calluses.

    Cycling Socks Ultralight Bike V3.0 from Compressport, socks ideal for high performance cyclists.

    Cycling Socks Ultralight Bike V3.0 from Compressport have been designed for those sportsmen who require pedaling for long periods of time. Its function is to optimize blood flow in the lower extremities and increase the biomechanical benefits.

    They are made using the 3D.DOTS technology which helps to activate the blood circulation and to absorb the impacts on the joints. They are ideal for protecting the Achilles tendon. The hem of this sock does not have the classic elastic that leaves marks on the skin and prevents the correct flow in the veins. It has the so-called ArchStim Support, which consists of a triangular or plantar support that improves the ergonomics and efficiency of the sock. To this it is added that almost all its structure is made of a mesh with hyperventilation, which prevents to accumulate perspiration in the feet, allows more hygiene and prevents infections by agents such as fungi or of any other category. Finally, it should be noted that its toecaps are completely free of seams, which prevents friction and possible blisters on the toes. In addition, it has an excellent value for money which makes it affordable to anyone.

    The practice of cycling represents one of the most widespread sports in the world. It is also an Olympic sport that has millions of fans around the globe. This is a sport that involves a high level of competition. Therefore, using science, Compressport has developed this accessory so that cyclists can improve their performance. The latter is the purpose of the product described herein. Its intention is that the feet have better blood flow and that the ankle joint can withstand the continuous effort that means to pedal for a long distance. Likewise, it is extremely comfortable. It does not have seams on the tip of the sock, which prevents the toes from having an unnecessary rubbing that can then trigger some type of blister. In addition, they are made of a mesh with hyperventilation that refreshes the feet and prevents the accumulation of perspiration, thanks to which the lower extremities are kept more hygienic. Perfect for both cycling professionals and people who enjoy cycling on entertainment tours.

    Facts of Cycling Socks Ultralight Bike V3.0 from Compressport

    • For the practice of cycling
    • Improves blood circulation
    • With hyperventilation mesh
    • Optimizes biomechanical activity
    • Prevents the appearance of rubbing and calluses
    • Powered by 3D.DOTS technology

    Those who practice cycling have a great ally with these socks. Thanks to them, they can greatly improve their performance, while protecting their feet consistently.

    Recommended Use: use only for bike training. They are not for everyday use.

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