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Train Racing Socks v3 - Compressport

Train Racing Socks v3 from Compressport. This version of socks is made of bamboo fiber, which insulates the heat and moisture in the feet of runners, gives them comfort, quality, adapt to all types of training, their texture is smooth and breathable. The third version for its design improves circulation and foot position. It prevents muscle injuries.

    Train Racing Socks v3 from Compressport, incredible socks for marathon runners and professional racers.

    Train Racing Socks v3 from Compressport is a product designed for men and women who want the protection and comfort of their feet during hiking or races on asphalt or mountain. Made of the best quality fibers and a more thick and breathable fabric that maintains ventilation in the areas of the ankle, upper part of the foot and toes. In addition, you can choose from different colors, and the high and low design and choose the appropriate size according to the size guide. They have an ergonomic design, improves circulation and foot position, which makes them suitable for athletes looking to improve their performance in their walk or career and increase their chances of remaining in the activity that often leave because of the discomfort caused on your feet.

    For runners, the feet are the parts of their body most exposed to injuries, so it is important to care for and protect them from physical problems and injuries, such as blisters, sores or calluses. The friction on the skin of the feet by the friction of the socks or slippers, originates blisters that can cause discomfort with the humidity and the heat. One way to prevent the appearance of these blisters is to wear Train Racing Socks v3 from Compressport, which minimize friction with the skin of the foot, heat and moisture. Runners are more oriented when choosing the shoes and forget to choose the socks that protect them and give them more safety. Compressport, offers socks that have an appropriate design, padding, seamless and protective areas to avoid frictions that mistreat the feet. They are manufactured with 3D DOTS technology, whose multidirectional points ensure their positioning, have no seams or elastic to avoid chafing and folds. Its Water Extract technology prevents moisture from building up on the feet, and the Shock Absorber technology, acts against shock waves, eliminating the impact before it reaches muscles, veins and joints. This improves resistance to effort.

    Facts of Train Racing Socks v3 from Compressport

    • Due to its ergonomic design it fits perfectly to the foot.
    • Protects the Achilles tendon and ankles.
    • Draws moisture.
    • Variety of colors and sizes.

    By wearing Train Racing Socks v3 from Compressport, races or walks are more pleasant and profitable, and avoids the risks of rubbing with the skin of the foot, avoiding the uncomfortable blisters that often forces them to leave the activity.

    Recommended Use: for men and women, in hiking or mountain or asphalt races.

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