Cycling Socks Racing v3 from Compressport are the latest invention of this company, which come to reinforce all the good results obtained with its past versions. Wear them and you will see how you can feel more comfortable when it comes to your workouts and not only that, you will also get better performance thanks to the technological advances that have been included.

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Cycling Socks Racing v3 from Compressport, ideal for lovers of cycling.

The world of professional sports is a powerful machinery that is constantly advancing and innovating. From the simplest to the most complex, the trend in professional sports is to reach the most advanced level of sophistication.

Therefore, several specialized companies, such as Compressport, have been given the task of developing technological solutions to offer an advantage to athletes who choose their products. In this case we will be talking about Cycling Socks Racing v3 from Compressport; which have come to be the next step, after the presentation of Pro-racing Socks Ultralight Bike from Compressport. These socks feature several technological innovations that will surely catch your eye if you are a cycling lover and, above all, if you are immersed in the world of cycling at a professional level.

The main idea of these socks is to give you the greatest possible comfort. To do this, it has been chosen to increase the ventilation range of them, so that your feet can be kept fresh at all times and, above all; dry. This is essential in cycling, since wet feet can cause your performance to be affected and, over time, humidity will undoubtedly give way to the annoying "athlete's foot". On the other hand, Compressport have managed to do without the seams between the toes, which, with constant friction often cause blisters. In addition to these benefits, these socks have other excellent properties that we will describe below.

Facts of Cycling Socks Racing v3 from Compressport

  • They are able to activate the blood circulation thanks to the technology 3D.DOTS
  • Again, 3D.DOTS fulfill the function of protecting your heel, since they serve as shock absorbers to reduce the impact of pressure and friction.
  • Keep your foot cool and dry.
  • Significantly reduce the chance that your foot may slip while you are doing physical activity.
  • Give you a greater sensation of lightness and comfort.
  • They are able to disperse the heat that is generated by the constant friction, since they allow the air to pass freely.

The reasons why you should decide to try these socks is because they have been designed from a technological base already proven in their previous versions and also bring with them truly important advantages that you should not let pass. In the world of sports, especially in professional sports, the ideal is to have the best accessories, which gives you the most comfort and advantage, so that you can focus fully on performance in your training and, above all, in the competitions of importance. Its strengths are, mainly, the increase of the zone of ventilation and a design totally free of seams.

Recommended Use: of course, Compressport recommends using its latest socks at all times, so that you can take advantage of all the benefits offered. Especially when it comes to high performance physical competitions.

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