Racing Shorts for Men from Compressport are perfect for those who play sports on a regular basis. They allow proper ventilation, fit the hip without generating pressure in this area of the body and do not accumulate water nor sweating after a very intense exercise.

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Racing Shorts for Men, does not accumulate water or sweating.

Racing Shorts for Men is a garment designed for the best performance of any type of athlete. These are ultralight shorts.

It has a high level of ventilation that prevents overheating in the area of the groin and anatomical regions close to it. Also, it has been made with great care to fit with total and complete perfection to the contour of the hip. For this reason, it can be considered as an ergonomic product that also fits the body without generating any type of abdominal pressure. In addition, it is super light, as it barely reaches a weight of 40 grams. To this it is added that the material with which it is manufactured turns out to be hydrophobic and breathable. The latter means that it does not retain perspiration and dries immediately. It does not contain seams or hems that prevent the comfort of movements or that produce some type of friction that causes damage to the skin. To conclude, it should be noted that it also has a front pocket to keep keys, energy gels or any other type of accessory.

Wearing suitable clothing is extremely important for all athletes. These must allow the maximum number of movements, all with comfort and maximum amplitude. It is something elementary, but at the same time it must be complemented by other benefits. For example, it is recommended that this type of clothing be extremely light, so that the body does not resent it as an extra weight that can cause discomfort when performing physical activity. To this it is added that it is prudent that these clothes do not accumulate water, because the sweat can soak them doing a sort of "sponge effect" that is not advisable, since the garment can stick the body or behave in a very unhygienic way . Likewise, it is necessary that the clothes worn by the athletes do not generate chafing that in the long run produce sores or discomfort in the skin and thus preventing the correct performance of a sports program. All these advantages are gained by wearing Racing Shorts for Men, also you get value for money and an extremely attractive design.

Facts of Racing Shorts for Men

  • Fits the hip without generating pressure
  • Allows ventilation
  • Does not accumulate water or sweating
  • No seams or hems that would affect the skin
  • Value for money
  • Attractive design

Thanks to these shorts, athletes can feel more comfortable, thus achieving a higher level in both their activities and their various athletic trainings.

Recommended Use: wear only for sports training, not for everyday use.

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