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Wearing a Race Belt from Compressport is possible to wear the badge that each runner needs in a competition. Made of elastic material that fits the waist. It contains four different slots for energy gels. Its inner part is soft to avoid chafing, so it could be used in direct contact with the skin. Ideal for running or marathon competitions. Excellent quality.

    Race Belt from Compressport, ideal for running events or marathons.

    Race Belt from Compressport is extremely functional, adjustable and equally easy to put on and take off. It is a dorsal belt to which is added the plus of having three clips to hold a race number, as well as four elastic supports to carry energy gels in each.

    Ideal to stop making holes to our favorite shirts with the intention of placing the number of runner, or cease the use of fastening pins that can cause punctures or injuries of any kind. Its fabric and seams are extremely hard-wearing. It is very comfortable and has elements to fit the waist. In addition, it is made of elastic materials so it is even much more adjustable to the exact abdominal diameter. Another advantage offered by Race Belt from Compressport is that it is very comfortable, to the point that every runner may feel that he is not wearing it. In that way, the runner is able to move freely, fully focused on his athletic goals and disregarding other issues that can undermine his absolute concentration.

    The need to identify runners or competitors in any running, marathon or triathlon event becomes mandatory when the number of people involved is a fairly high. For that reason, it has been decided to place numbers to identify each one of the participants in those competitions. The issue is how to place such a badge without falling, and at the same time, not causing discomfort of any kind to runners. To solve this type of situation, different gadgets have been created that mix ergonomics with functionality and elegance. An example of this is Race Belt from Compressport, which is made of an elastic material. It fits very well to the waist. In addition, in its inner part is soft in case it is carried in direct contact with the skin, thus avoiding chafing of any kind. To grab the number, one uses three anchors, all distributed in the center of the belt. Such anchors consist of a strong cord having a tanka type closure.

    Facts of Race Belt from Compressport

    • Ideal to carry the identification of runners
    • For running events or marathons
    • Elastic material that fits the waist
    • Slots for energy gels
    • Soft inner part to prevent chafing
    • Excellent design and quality

    The dorsal is the badge of each runner, this allows him to be recognized in a competition. With accessories like the one described here you can carry this identification with comfort and ergonomics.

    Recommended Use: place it around the waist, adjusting it carefully and making sure it is fitted.

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