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Compression stockings R2 V2 - Compressport

This stockings version is made of lightweight and comfortable fibers, which gives athletes comfort with their use, quality fabric and adapt to all types of training and sports, their texture is soft and breathable. It can told apart because of K-Protect, protector or flap at the top. By its design, it improves the circulation and calves.

    Compression stockings R2 V2 from Compressport, incredible stockings ideal for keeping feet and legs relieved.

    Compression stockings R2 V2 from Compressport is a high quality product, made in Europe, following the techniques guided by specialists in compression. Its design is oriented to protect the calves.

    The calf is a very important biarticular muscle because its function is the one of extension since it is the one that produces the takeoff of the body of the ground, to make jumps, races, marches, walks, among others. It intervenes in two joints, the knee and the ankle. In the tibia, it joins with another muscle of the leg, the Soleus, in a thick tendon, called the Achilles tendon. Hence the importance of the Sural triceps (calves and soleus), because both help to make the effort of the legs, they cushion the shocks when the feet make contact with the floor. Compression stockings R2 V2 from Compressport are available in various colors, adaptable sizes and made of a lighter and more comfortable fiber, manufactured in Europe under the guidance of experts in medical compression.

    The R2 V2 version of Compression stockings from Compressport is designed with a protector or flap on the top called K-Protect, to protect the patellar tendon, protect the knee absorbing vibrations with this special protector. The fiber with which these stockings are made does not absorb water and fits the muscles without being mistreated or too tight, but provides the necessary stiffness for comfort and protection. Compression stockings R2 V2 from Compressport were designed for the protection of all those who practice sports or train daily, to help them reduce fatigue during long-lasting sports sessions, reduction of shocks, prevent muscle tears, joint pains, contractures, reduce the accumulation of toxins, and accelerate the venous return.

    Facts of Compression stockings R2 V2 from Compressport:

    • Recommended for all sports (triathlon, trail, running, bicycle, soccer, gym)
    • Expulsion of humidity and thermal regulation
    • Reduction of vibrations
    • Ergonomic flap
    • K-Protect technology

    The use of Compression stockings R2 V2 from Compressport, make extreme sports safe and performant, because it protects the muscles and joints of the knee and ankle, prevents muscle tears, joint pain, micro injuries and muscle fatigue. They are anti-fatigue and absorb moisture.

    Recommended Use: Compression stockings R2 V2 from Compressport can be used by sportsmen and sportswomen for their training and recovery. They can be used in triathlon, running, cycling, soccer, gymnastics, among others. Its massaging fiber activates the movements. This version increases the venous return, which reduces the accumulation of toxins and increases oxygen in the muscles.

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