Compressive Thighband from Compressport is an accessory made of the best and most strong fibers that give a 360 degree compression to the thigh area, improving the oxygenation of the muscles of that area, boosting sports performance and allowing you to exercise for longer, in addition to protecting you from injuries, contractions and muscle pulls.

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Compressive Thighband from Compressport, ideal for those who practice cycling, running, in roads and mountains.

Professional athletes need the best accessories made of the highest quality materials to maintain and improve their performance without any problems or discomfort.

There are a number of accessories to wear on the legs and improve the performance of their muscles, but none of them match Compressive Thighband from Compressport, which is made of the strongest and highest quality elastic materials that will allow you to have the compression you need on your thighs, ideal for those who practice cycling, running, in roads and mountains.

Compressive Thighband from Compressport is designed using the best compressive technologies, which allow better oxygenation of muscles by increasing blood flow in a given area, starting with micro fiber massager, which acts with each movement of the muscle. Another function is to be water resistant, allowing its lightness, as it does not absorb moisture, especially sweat, produced by physical effort, in addition to offering a 360 degree compression, allowing better circulation and the posterior recovery of the muscle, because it allows a better venous return, thanks to this, the user will feel a very comfortable feeling of lightness, which will help him improve his performance significantly. Compressive Thighband from Compressport is made of the best fiber and is also completely free of seams, thus avoiding chafing and discomfort when using it for long periods of time, giving you a necessary protection against ramps, contractures, injuries, fatigue and muscle pulls. Also, thanks to the fact that it does not cover the groin, it allows an easy hand wash after the exercise being able to use it again quickly and effectively.

Facts of Compressive Thighband from Compressport

  • Made of the highest quality materials.
  • Made of elastic fibers, strong and hard-wearing.
  • Improves the circulation of the bloodstream in the area.
  • 360 degree compressive technology.
  • Fiber resistant to moisture, moisture and sweat.
  • Free of seams
  • Easy washingHelps prevent contractures, injuries, fatigue, muscle pulls and improves physical performance.
  • Massager microfiber technology.
  • Ideal for those who practice cycling, running, in roads and mountains.

Compressive Thighband from Compressport is ideal for those athletes who practice cycling and running, because it stimulates blood circulation in the thighs, improving performance in all sports that requires the maximum use of muscles in that area.

Recommended Use: choose the size that best fits your needs and enjoy the benefits of this thighband.

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