Pro Racing Sleeves from Compressport is perfect for athletes who continuously use the upper limbs. Its main function is to reduce fatigue and recovery time after workouts. To do this, it applies a therapeutic compression on the muscles, thus achieving better blood flow.

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Pro Racing Sleeves from Compressport, excellent compressive sleeves for greater physical performance.

Pro Racing Sleeves from Compressport is designed for those who perform sports activity on a constant basis. Specially designed for disciplines such as volleyball, basketball or pitchers in baseball, that is, in physical activities where much of the exercise is focused in the upper limbs.

Its essential function is to reduce the recovery time and to cope with the fatigue in the arms after an intense physical activity. They have also been designed to reduce pain and the unpleasant effect of lactic acid on the anatomy of the upper limbs. Also, it protects very effectively against the sun and keeps the arms at an ideal temperature to avoid inconveniences at the muscular level. They come offered in various sizes, taking into account the diameter of the triceps, the shoulders and the length of both the arms and forearms. Made of polyamide and elastane, they are guaranteed to fit the body, manage to generate a pressure with therapeutic effect that manages to improve the blood flow and accelerates the recovery to continue with the sport activity. Therefore, they are highly recommended for athletes in general.

When doing an intense or prolonged physical activity using the arms, these begin to show signs of fatigue. The effect of lactic acid is present and a painful sensation surrounds the muscles of the upper limbs. When that happens, it is hard to lift or raise weight with them. It is necessary to enter a recovery phase that can be prolonged for a long time, causing the training rhythm to be lost or sports work suspended until the next day. The intention of Pro Racing Sleeves from Compressport is to prevent the above situation. Its ability to compress muscle groups stimulates blood flow and minimizes the effects of milk acidity. In addition, it achieves better oxygenation of the musculature in the arms, helps to drain accumulated toxins and allows to shape this anatomical area of ​​the body with greater ease. Added to this, it is that it has no seams that would hurt the skin or cause friction which is extremely uncomfortable. For all these reasons, it is recommended to wear these sleeves, which are also made of an elegant design and that is attractive from any point of view.

Facts of Pro Racing Sleeves from Compressport

  • For sports use
  • Reduce recovery time after physical activity
  • UV protection: UV coldblack UPF 30
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Shapes the muscles of the arms
  • Reduces the effect of lactic acid

It is an accessory with many advantages. In addition to the aforementioned, it is extremely ergonomic: easy to remove and put on, adapts to the arm and comes in various sizes.

Recommended use: only for sports activities, these sleeves are not for everyday use.

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