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Socks Winter Trail Pro Racing v2.1 - Compressport

Socks Winter Trail Pro Racing v2.1 from Compressport are socks designed especially for those who practice winter sports, as they regulate the temperature of your feet keeping them warm and comfortable, as well as protect the feet from shocks and sores so you can focus on getting the most out of your workouts.

    Socks Winter Trail Pro Racing v2.1 from Compressport evaporates the sweating of the foot.

    When practicing sports in the winter you need the best equipment to achieve the best performance, especially one that keeps you warm when you play sports, since one of the difficulties of practicing sports in this particular time of year is that the body loses energy by trying to stay warm, in addition to exercise, making you unable to perform to the full, less time and energy. For this reason, Socks Winter Trail Pro Racing v2.1 from Compressport has been created, which keeps your feet warm thanks to its thermoregulatory technology, providing up to 6 degrees more heat, among other wonderful benefits.

    Socks Winter Trail Pro Racing v2.1 from Compressport are made of the highest quality fibers, made of Merino and Wool Silk, have a soft and comfortable texture, absorb the moisture of the feet and provide a pleasant sensation of freshness to the feet, without decreasing the temperature of the feet. Protecting yourself from the cold of winter, thanks to the technique of double knitting, to maximize the efficiency and heat provided by the sock. In addition, it uses the 3D Dots technology, which helps absorb shocks when walking and improves blood circulation, also improves ventilation of the socks, allowing the feet to breathe and evaporate the sweat, without this influencing to decrease the heat of the feet. It is noteworthy that thanks to its fibers and its processing technique, it does not generate friction with the footwear, being this something very practical since it avoids the injuries in the skin of the feet, avoiding blisters and sores.

    Facts of Socks Winter Trail Pro Racing v2.1 from Compressport

    • Made of the best quality fibers.
    • Strong and hard-wearing materials.
    • Made of Merino and Wool Silk.
    • Fabric with the technique of double point which allows an optimal ventilation of the feet.
    • Maintains a warm temperature in the feet and in the same way allows the evaporation of sweating.
    • Absorbs the shocks received.
    • Smooth and silky texture.
    • Thermoregulatory technology.
    • Extremely comfortable and light.
    • Designed for winter sports.
    • Practical and attractive design.

    Socks Winter Trail Pro Racing v2.1 from Compressport is ideal for those who practice winter sports, due to its thermoregulatory technology that also allows to maintain the optimum heat of the foot, ventilation of the same, so that it will evaporate the moisture that accumulates and will protect to the foot of shocks and sores, thanks to that the socks are made using the technique of double point.

    Recommended Use: choose the size that will fit and wear when doing sports to improve performance.

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