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Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss - Compressport

Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss from Compressport are perfect for those who need agile and powerful legs. In fact, they allow for better blood flow and an incredible sense of vitality. They are made from a fiber of bioceramic crystals that helps to improve thermoregulation and blood circulation. Ideal for delaying fatigue.

    Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss from Compressport, ideal for improving blood circulation.

    Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss from Compressport is designed for athletes who need to have powerful legs, agile, full of vitality and a perennial quality blood irrigation. They are made of a fiber based on bioceramic crystals, which allows many benefits in the lower extremities.

    In essence, it achieves better thermoregulation, increases performance and strength, provides better oxygen consumption in the leg area and significantly reduces injuries from the impact to the ground. It is perfect for numerous sports disciplines, such as football, basketball, running, cycling, tennis and many others where a high degree of mobility is required in the lower limbs. Without a doubt, Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss from Compressport helps athletes to have a much stronger and more agile body. In addition, they have a spectacular design that allows to display this gadget in an elegant and daring way, which is always something in line with the sporting spirit. In addition, they are comfortable and do not feel like an uncomfortable accessory in the legs.

    With this product, you gain a lot of benefits. In the first instance, it is achieved that the prolonged performance is optimized, being therefore a perfect accessory for marathoners or cyclists that must travel long distances and for that reason they need to have resistance. This is achieved because it delays muscle fatigue and reduces pain. It is also extremely effective in preventing any type of stiffness, muscle cramps and micro-injuries that are imperceptible at first, but accumulate problems of stability in the lower limbs. Its ability to avoid injury is quite remarkable, especially periostitis and tendinitis. To this it is added that it is made of a fiber of bioceramic crystals that allows adapting it to the calf with enormous ease. It is very easy to be put on and to remove it, being therefore a product of eminently ergonomic features. It also works effectively on sprint activities, jumps and sudden changes of direction. Therefore, it is an accessory that every athlete should have, as it takes care of their anatomy and at the same time increases their performance.

    Facts of Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss from Compressport

    • Improves thermoregulation and blood circulation
    • Ergonomic and adaptable to the body anatomy
    • Extremely comfortable
    • Delays fatigue in the legs
    • Provides greater energy and vitality

    With Compressive Tights Pro R2 Swiss from Compressport, it is possible to count on an excellent accessory that allows to improve the energy and power of the legs.

    Recommended Use: wear only at the time of training, as they are not for everyday use.

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