Compressive Tights Pirate ¾ from Compressport is a sports garment that fulfill two main functions: delay muscle fatigue and use a maximum feeling of compression in certain muscle areas. They are the best allies to train with comfort, freshness and freedom. Recommended for runners or athletes strict with their workouts.

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Compressive Tights Pirate ¾ from Compressport: compressive and light to delay muscle fatigue.

Compressive Tights Pirate ¾ from Compressport is a sports garment developed by Compressport that offers an incredible feeling of comfort and extreme understanding in the area of the quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks, ideal for runners or athletes with high intensity workouts who want to take care of every aspect of their routine. In addition, it has advanced technology that helps reduce pain and increase muscle recovery. Approximately 25% decrease in muscle vibrations, so it is easier to combat fatigue. It even protects the abdominal area, producing comfort and freshness throughout the exercise.

It is a fact that runners wear more and more compressive clothes such as Compressive Tights Pirate ¾ from Compressport, because the advantages to the performance are multiple. In the first place, they serve essentially to stimulate the recovery of the muscle after a high effort, because the fabrics with which they are made have microfibers that compress the blood vessels and allow more blood and oxygen to reach the muscle zone. Normally, by allowing optimal blood circulation, the onset of fatigue is delayed. On the other hand, they are ideal to cause a wonderful holding effect on muscles and tendons, being thus ideal for supporting the correct position and avoiding muscle vibrations, which are often responsible for pain when playing sports.

Fortunately, Compressive Tights Pirate ¾ from Compressport is designed to fit all kinds of needs, so not only are they the best for having these properties, they also stimulate the evacuation of sweat without soaking the garment, keeping the athlete dry for longer and always cool. And if it comes to hygiene, these innovative sports pieces are anti-bacterial, so they do not give off odors or cause irritations on the skin. It is a garment that can not be lacking in the outfit of runners who wish to reach the goal without limitations or suffering intense pain.

Facts of Compressive Tights Pirate ¾ from Compressport

  • Provides compression in the quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks.
  • Delays the appearance of pain and fatigue in these areas.
  • Reduces 25% of muscle vibrations.
  • Protects the abdominal area.
  • Evacuates moisture without soaking the garment.
  • Prevents odor or skin irritation.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and cool.
  • Improves grip and position.
  • Stimulates blood flow in intense physical activity.

Running so many miles represents an effort and a significant physical strain for the body. However, the best way to reduce muscle discomfort is to incorporate into the outfit these incredible compressive tights.

Recommended use: wear this garment during high intensity workouts, marathons or races. For maintenance, do not use a dryer or fabric softeners.

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