On/Off Multisport Tank Top from Compressport is an ideal garment for marathoners, cyclists and athletes who carry out long-term exercises. Its elastic fibers adapt to the expansion and compression of the rib cage, which avoids the feeling of suffocation that can cause discomforts to the athletes. In addition, it is extremely comfortable and elegant.

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On/Off Multisport Tank Top from Compressport, excellent sportswear to keep you fresh and agile.

The fantastic On/Off Multisport Tank Top from Compressport is a great garment for those who practice extremely prolonged physical exercises. Such is the case of marathoners, cyclists, climbers, footballers and athletes who generally perform a long body work.

Its plus is based on a pair of simple, but very clever, criteria used to make this fantastic garment. In the first place, it should be noted that the materials with which it is made allow hyperventilation when a remarkable physical effort is made, since the fibers that integrate its texture are open. However, when the body begins the process of recovery requires to maintain the temperature, which is achieved with this shirt because its fibers are closed at the time of decreasing body effort. The other thing that is important to indicate is that it adapts to the body perfectly, being so flexible that it allows the dilation of the muscles without creating the suffocation effect. Therefore, it is an extremely useful garment that every athlete should have to achieve optimum performance and reach all their goals easily.

Prolonged physical exertion causes a dilatation of the thoracic cage due to increased lung work. And is that the body needs oxygen to have more energy in order to carry out demanding tasks. However, it is necessary to take into account the way in which the human body works to make remarkable physical efforts. In the first instance, it happens that the body is gradually requesting more oxygen, increases sweating and muscles also dilate. When the requirement reaches its maximum point, it is necessary to allow the anatomy to be ventilated, in order to maintain an adequate thermal balance. On the contrary, it is essential to maintain the heat when recovering from fatigue, as it is harmful to health a sudden drop in temperature. All these processes are carried out with ease thanks to On/Off Multisport Tank Top from Compressport. Its elastic fiber allows to adapt to the dilation of the body without compressing it. At the same time, it manages to ventilate or close its fibers when necessary for the body.

Facts of On/Off Multisport Tank Top from Compressport

  • With super elastic fibers
  • Adapts to the muscles and rib cage dilatation
  • Prevents the athlete from stifling
  • Aid for recovery after exercise
  • Ventilates and at the same time takes care of the body temperature
  • Perfect design and great quality

This garment is ideal for better physical performance. It adapts perfectly to the biomechanical performance of the human body, even optimizing it to the maximum.

Recommended Use: wear only for sports training, not for everyday use.

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