On/Off Multisport Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport is an undergarment, for sports use, it is compressive, adjustable to the skin, enhances the beauty of the body and provides comfort when designed with low neck and short sleeves. Compressport strives to use fibers that do not absorb moisture to give the athlete a cool appearance during exercise.

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On/Off Multisport Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport, incredible sports accessory to reduce fatigue and increase performance.

On/Off Multisport Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport, in the short-sleeved version, also has another advantage to be designed with low neck, this makes it more practical and comfortable. The ON/OFF technology protects against cold air in winter and hot air in summer. It is made of fibers that regulate the interaction of air during training.

In ON provides greater ventilation during the acceleration activity and OFF protects the high pressure in the deceleration process. The use of this type of clothing during a workout enhances the athetle's mood because during and after the activity there is an acceleration and deceleration, which minimizes its effects when wearing a On/Off Multisport Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport. Compression is adjustable to the body, which enhances breathing, corrects position and improves body alignment. By being Thermic, it maintains the temperature of the body during training, giving assurance to the body not to undergo sudden temperature changes.

Every exercise requires an effort, people need to control the intensity of the effort. Wearing a On/Off Multisport Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport, it adjusts both the compression intensity as well as the moisture expulsion. For high intensities little pressure and sufficient evaporation are required, when it is finished or slows down, it is needed to be cooled progressively, not at once. When doing sports or training activities, it is important to keep in mind the importance of using suitable garments that on the one hand support the body to less fatigue and recover the energy burned during it, and on the other to be pleasant, with the position of the body in shape and with the temperature balanced at the end of the exercise. Investing in clothing for sport is giving importance to your body, taking care of it and protecting it should be a priority for the athlete.

Facts of On/Off Multisport Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport

  • Made of a fiber that stays dry and does not absorb moisture.
  • Corrects body position during activity.
  • Compression adjustable to the body.

Compressport is identified with quality and comfort. On/Off Multisport Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport provides compression, moisture-absorbing fiber and beauty in its design. The short sleeve ventilates in a better way the upper extremities. The ON/OFF fiber ventilates the skin and expels sweat during the training phase and provides compression. And in the culmination or rest phase of thermal protection. The short-sleeved version ON/OFF comes in various sizes and colors.

Recommended Use: athletes can wear this undergarment during training and in the rest or culmination phase. Available in different sizes and colors for your selection.

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