Full Compressive Tights from Compressport has been designed to improve the performance of the lower extremities. This is great thanks to its design with circular fabric that achieves pressure points in the anatomy of the leg. In that way, it is possible to improve the blood irrigation allowing a better oxygenation of the legs in general.

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Full Compressive Tights from Compressport

Full Compressive Tights from Compressport is an excellent garment for physical activities. It is a versatile accesory that helps to significantly improve vitality in the lower extremities. It gives two extremely important benefits.

The first one implies a great protection against the cold, reason why can be of great help to maintain in optimal conditions of temperature, especially if you train in winter months. The second concerns its compression which helps to improve blood circulation, preventing the blood from stagnating in the calves, ischitibial and quadriceps, thus providing an ultra light leg sensation. In addition, it allows to achieve a fast recovery after an intense physical activity, achieving in this way to minimize the sequels of fatigue. The latter is very useful if you have an intense sports plan, which requires constant physical activity. All these advantages are obtained by wearing Full Compressive Tights from Compressport, which also has the advantage that it does not retain water and therefore does not lead to the problem of retention and sweating.

Made of a special circular fabric that achieves an excellent distribution of pressure per cm2 of the leg. They are perfect for a therapeutic pressure that stimulates a better irrigation of the blood in the lower extremities. In this way, it is possible to nourish and oxygenate this area of ​​the body better. This relieves the occasional feeling of tired legs that often affects many people and is particularly uncomfortable for those who engage in physical activities on a regular basis. Its pressure helps to give more stability, avoiding injuries and damages at the muscle or joint level. It also helps shape the aesthetics of this area of ​​the body. It has a fairly broad range of benefits that are nevertheless as interesting as useful. However, what is usually valued is the ability of this garment to accelerate recovery after intense training. In this way, those who practices sports continuously do not have the need to stop their body program for prolonged periods of recovery and can have better results and achieve high goals of athletic performance.

Facts of Full Compressive Tights from Compressport

  • Covers the entire leg: from the feet to the thighs
  • No seams to generate friction
  • Allows greater energy and vitality
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Optimizes blood circulation
  • Ideal for prolonged physical activities
  • Prevent muscle injuries

Thanks to these meshes, it is possible to have a better sports performance, as they make the legs have more energy and at the same time recover faster from an intense exercise routine.

Recommended use: wear only for sports, it is not for everyday use.

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