Long Socks Ultralight from Compressport is perfect for marathon runners, cyclists and other long-term physical activity practitioners where the legs are the most active part of the body. This product reduces muscle fatigue, minimizes recovery time, allows hyperventilation and is ideal for improving blood circulation.

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Long Socks Ultralight from Compressport, ideal for optimizing blood circulation.

Long Socks Ultralight from Compressport is designed for athletes who need maximum anatomical comfort to perform their physical activities with maximum performance.

They are made of an ultralight mesh and that at the same time turns out to be ultraventilated. Its action allows both feet and calves to remain adequately ventilated, thus avoiding the overheating of the lower limbs. In this way, the athlete can count on a feeling of being able to be dry and fresh to face any athletic activity in all its dimension. In addition, they exert a therapeutic pressure that help to improve the venous return, by which optimize the blood circulation. The latter stimulates vitality and energy, thus avoiding the inconvenience of fatigued legs, which prevent proper performance in any type of training. To that effect, Long Socks Ultralight from Compressport become an excellent alternative for all lovers of physical activity who yearn to feel their bodies filled with an absolute will to move. In addition, they are beautifully designed, which gives them a touch of elegance and makes them one of the best accessories for sports use.

Long Socks Ultralight from Compressport are made of an ultra-ventilated mesh that also collaborates with the blood circulation. These are socks designed for running, cycling, recovering after an intense workout and are even highly recommended for travel. The latter is due to the fact that they facilitate venous return, helping to minimize the "traveler's syndrome" in prolonged journeys, where they remain sitting or immobile for hours with discomfort in the lower limbs. Undoubtedly, this last one of its best properties. Their pressure on the legs gets the venous return to the heart. In this way, the accumulation of toxins is reduced, oxygenation of muscles is achieved and both cramps and muscle micro-break are kept at bay, which in the long run would accumulate and trigger mobility problems. Another of its advantages is that it reduces recovery time after the muscle fatigue has appeared, which is why they are very useful when athletes take rest breaks in their physical activities. For all these reasons, they are considered a high level accessory for lovers of athletic activity.

Facts of Long Socks Ultralight from Compressport

  • Compression Socks
  • Ideal for cycling, running and long-lasting sports
  • Improves energy and vitality in the legs
  • Optimizes blood circulation
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Minimizes fatigue

These excellent socks are perfect for all athletes who need to avoid fatigue in the legs. Therefore, they are highly recommended for many athletic disciplines.

Recommended Use: wear for sports activity. They are not for everyday use.

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