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Tights from Compressport is ideal for triathletes, marathon runners and cyclists. With their 3D DOTS technology they do not have seams which would generate friction on the skin. In addition, its level of compression stimulates the circulation of the blood, reason why they provide the lower extremities with more vitality and energy.

    Tights from Compressport, ideal for giving greater resistance to the legs.

    Tights from Compressport is a product designed for people who work in the sports field. In fact, it can be asserted that they are perfect for triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists and people who are generally engaged in long distance competitions where the legs are part of the anatomy that work the most.

    They are made using the innovative 3D point technology, which allows to do without seams which generate friction and discomfort in both the hem and the tip of the toes. In addition, they are configured with an ultra-thin mesh that guarantees maximum ventilation of the lower extremities. It also allows a therapeutic pressure that improves blood circulation. The latter is a huge advantage, as nutrients and oxygen increase in the legs, making them have more energy, vitality and less prone to fatigue. In fact, these tights manage to minimize the recovery phase after intense physical activity, being able to continue with a program or sports competition as prolonged as demanding. Undoubtedly, it is a very useful garment that every athlete should own.

    The legs are of great importance for the athletes who practice sports of great mobility and prolonged effort. Such is the case of marathoners, footballers, trotters, tennis players and cyclists. Therefore, it is important to keep them strong, vigorous and with a reserve of energy that allows them to stay active for much longer. It is for this reason, this product has been designed, which has the advantage of being developed with the latest 3D DOTS technology. Thanks to this, it contributes eight 3D DOTS of pressure on the feet that stimulate the blood circulation. It also allows adequate protection of the Achilles tendon and malleolus area. On the other hand, stabilize the feet to avoid problems arising from the continuous impacts at the moment of contact with the ground. In addition, they are perfect to give more energy to the lower limbs, thus making them more resilient. In fact, they allow a rapid muscle recovery, which minimizes rest times and achieves better performance in training or competitions of any sport.

    Facts of Tights from Compressport

    • Manufactured with 3D DOTS technology
    • No seams to generate friction
    • Provides the legs with more vitality
    • Protects Achilles tendon and malleolus area
    • Minimizes the impacts of tread
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Reduces recovery time after fatigue

    These fantastic tights help make your legs stronger and full of energy. In addition, they avoid injuries, because they stabilize the tread. They improve the blood supply and give greater oxygenation.

    Recommended use: wear only for sports, it is not for everyday use.

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