Ergo Flask Valve + Long Tube from Compressport is an intelligent solution to the issue of hydration of marathon runners, joggers and cyclist. With great capacity to store liquids, it has a long tube that ends in a suction nozzle. Comfortable, ergonomic, high quality and with an excellent design.

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Ergo Flask Valve + Long Tube from Compressport, excellent accessory to hydrate you in movement during your cycling practices.

Ergo Flask Valve + Long Tube from Compressport is an extremely useful accessory for those who perform sports activities. It is an accessory designed to facilitate the process of hydration, especially for athletes, for cycling, although it is also possible to use it for other types of sports. It consists of a comfortable container of great capacity, reaching 600 ml (more than half a liter).

This container also has a long tube that connects the nozzle of the container and culminates in a suction nozzle so that the athlete can absorb the water without inconveniences, thus achieving hydration with great ease. The container can be attached to the structure of a bike without major problems, either be held in a special belt, with a strap or just carry it. In this way, it becomes a perfect solution for drinking water while still jogging or pedaling. It is one of those accessories that makes the world of sports training more fun and interesting, because it also has an elegant design and is fully ergonomic.

Every athlete needs to be rehydrated to achieve their sport goals. In addition, it is simply required to recover some of the fluid lost in the sweating process. The issue is that it is usually necessary to stop the sport activity to ingest water, which causes loss of rhythm, cooling of certain muscles and joints. In addition, if the athlete is in the middle of a competition, he loses valuable time with which he may miss the opportunity to obtain a reward or merit for his effort. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, accessories such as Ergo Flask Valve + Long Tube from Compressport have been created. It is a very effective way to carry water with you, as well as any type of drink with isostatic characteristics. Its comfortable and long tube allows to carry the suction nozzle to the lips of the person who trains, being therefore an effective way to continue the race rhythm and at the same time consume necessary amounts of H2O to replenish the body's metabolism. Comfortable, ergonomic, elegant and with a beautiful design, as sports accessories should be.

Facts of Ergo Flask Valve + Long Tube from Compressport

  • Container for sports hydration
  • 600 ml capacity
  • With long tube that fits the nozzle of the container
  • Suction nozzle
  • Ideal for running or cycling
  • Excellent design and quality

Thanks to this fantastic accessory it is possible to hydrate while continuing the pace of training or competition. Very comfortable, ergonomic and with the best design on the market.

Recommended use: Fill it with water and carry it when long-term sports activities are performed.

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