Cycling Short Skirt Brutal Bib from Compressport is a perfect garment for cyclists of long distances. It helps maintain proper position. It reduces muscle fatigue. V-neck waist for full comfort. It includes an excellent ProCycling Pad that absorbs shocks and vibrations. It prevents jumps and shocks from damaging the back.

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Cycling Short Skirt Brutal Bib from Compressport

Cycling Short Skirt Brutal Bib from Compressport is a perfect garment for cyclists. It offers a unique support and great resistance during the effort of pedaling long distances.

It is very useful if you make long, cross-country trips with bumps or jumps along the way that can cause impacts in the crotch. In addition, it allows to have an excellent position when moving, being able to avoid an excess of inclination or to be accommodated in a way not suitable for the physical development. The latter is achieved thanks to the fact that it has a Spin-Control Pattern system that helps to maintain a steady position while pedaling. The waist has a V-finish that offers maximum comfort in your abdominal muscles. It also reduces pressure on the stomach giving full and optimal comfort. Finally, it is necessary to indicate that other keys is its design is the badana that allows a better position on the seat, protecting the crotch and avoiding possible injuries in this area of ​​the body. Without a doubt, Cycling Short Skirt Brutal Bib from Compressport is an ideal alternative for cycling enthusiasts, being indispensable to wear in case of long distances.

This splendid product offers a unique and ergonomic support. Thanks to its 3D postural system, all cyclists maintain a correct position on the seat. In addition, it is made of a fabric with strategically positioned meshes to remove sweat and body heat. In this way, the body is kept dry, which is very useful for the comfort and lightness of the movements of cyclists. The waist design features a V-shaped finish that offers maximum comfort. Ideal for the abdominal muscles to remain relaxed during the exertion. It allows a great absorption to the impacts in the area of the back, which is the one that suffers more with the jumps of the bicycle. In addition, it exerts a therapeutic pressure on the muscles that helps to improve the blood circulation, allows better oxygenation and therefore minimizes muscle fatigue, thus achieving a better performance.

Facts of Cycling Short Skirt Brutal Bib from Compressport

  • With ProCycling Pad that absorbs shocks and vibrations
  • Helps to have better position when pedaling
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Keeps the cyclist's anatomy ventilated
  • Therapeutic compression
  • Protects the back from shocks

Cyclists face the challenge of pedaling for long distances, maintaining the same position. With this product, it is achieved greater comfort, absorption of shocks and oxygenation of muscles in the cycling activity.

Recommended Use: adjust it well to the body and try it sitting on the bike to achieve its best fit and get all its benefits.

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