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Armforce Armsleeve - Compressport

Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport is made of strong and hard-wearing fibers of the highest quality, making them the garment that every outdoor sportsman needs, thanks to its thermoregulator and compressor technology that allows to protect the arms from cold air currents and increase the circulation of blood, so that the physical performance will not decrease.

    Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport oxygenates the muscles of the arms.

    Athletes need the best gear to perform their exercises, something that maintains and improves their physical performance, so they can excel in their sports and make the most of their physical and mental strength. Many athletes use sports sleeves to keep their arms and elbows warm, especially for sports in the outdoors, in which being in contact with the cold air from the outside decreases the temperature and therefore the blood circulation in it, allowing you to save energy that the body uses to generate heat.

    For this reason, Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport has been created which maintains the temperature of the arms and joints, in addition to activating the circulation of the arms thanks to its advanced compression technology, that increases your performance in any sport that you practice, since by compressing the arm in key areas stimulates the circulation of the blood, bringing a more intense oxygenation to muscles and making you feel the arms lighter and much less tense. Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport is made of the highest quality materials and the best technology, so that the fibers allow the arm to breathe, evaporating the humidity, and its fibers do not allow the growth of bacteria, so odors and irritations will be avoided. Also, it is non-slip so that you will not suffer from discomfort when practicing sport, thanks to the technology 3D.DOTS, which also helps absorb shocks, protecting the elbows. Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport has no seams, allowing free movement of the arm without any discomfort, and adapts the curves of your arm, giving you maximum comfort during your exercises.

    Facts of Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport

    • Made of the best materials these are the most resistant and durable on the market.
    • Ultra-resistant fibers.
    • Uses high-tech 3D Dots technology.
    • Activates blood circulation in the arm.
    • Maintains ventilation of the arms, evaporating moisture.
    • Oxygenates the muscles of the arms.
    • Adapts to the curves of your arm.
    • Thermo-regulating and non-slip technology.
    • 100% Hygienic. It does not allow the growth of bacteria.

    Armforce Armsleeve from Compressport is ideal for those who exercise outdoors who need to defend themselves against the effects of cold air currents and want to keep their arms warm, and thereby maintain physical performance at the highest level. In addition to being extremely lightweight and suited to the curves of your arms to feel very comfortable in their daily use.

    Recommended Use: choose the right size and use when playing sports.

    Questions and answers
    ¿Para unos brazos delgados que talla es la recomendable?
    2020-01-31 09:28:02 Manuel Jesús Aguilera Díaz
    Hola, mande un correo a info@masmusculo.com mis compañeros tiene más información acerca de las tallas. Un saludo
    2020-02-03 10:39:21 Jose
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