3D Thermic Tank Top from Compressport is a perfect garment for runners, marathoners, cyclists, footballers, tennis players or people who generally practice outdoor sports. Its function is to help when the climate has low temperatures, because its 3D knitted fabric generates thermic layers composed of air chambers.

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3D Thermic Tank Top from Compressport, a shirt ideal for outdoor training.

3D Thermic Tank Top from Compressport has been designed for athletes who practice outdoors even when the climate shows low temperatures.

It is perfect for running in the night or in the proximity of the winter. Its biggest advantage is that it is made of special materials, designed to maintain an ideal level of body temperature. This is achieved thanks to the fact that it is manufactured with 3D knitted fabric that gives rise to thermic layers composed of ventilation ducts and air chambers. In this way, it happens that the different layers of the shirt optimize a flow of ventilated air that serves as a thermic regulator between the athlete and the external environment in which it unfolds. Another advantage is that it has no seams, so it prevents chafing and discomfort on the skin. Also, its pressure on the body makes it fit the anatomy, being comfortable, light and quite striking because it has a design as elegant as suitable for use in public areas and in view of the general public.

The practice of physical activities in outdoor areas when the temperature is low, it is something that athletes should always take into account. Runners, marathon runners, joggers and cyclists usually lower their performance due to the cold, because it numbs the body and prevents physical movement in optimal conditions. The same happens with those who perform sports such as football, rugby or practice tennis in unroofed environments. To solve this type of problem, products have been developed that fulfill a double function. The first, obviously, is to keep the athletes' body temperature regulated, so that environmental conditions do not disrupt their athletic performance. The second concerns the fact that garments used for cold are usually thick, heavy and even uncomfortable. For this reason, lightweight and comfortable garments are needed, which allow the maximum elasticity of movement, but at the same time keep people at an adequate temperature and without major inconveniences. In this way, it achieves a magnificent performance in winter time, without needing to stop the training plans.

Facts of 3D Thermic Tank Top from Compressport

  • For outdoor workouts
  • Thermic regulator for the athlete's body
  • Maintains body temperature in cold climates
  • Slight therapeutic compression in the chest
  • Allows to continue with the training
  • Made of 3D knitted fabric

Now, it is possible to continue training outdoors although it is a cold season. With this magnificent shirt, it is possible to keep the body at a suitable temperature without suffering from hypothermia.

Recommended Use: choose the right size to fit perfectly to the body, thus obtaining the expected results.

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