Thermic Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport is an excellent option to spend the winter without cold practicing your favorite sport. Made of 3D knitted fabric, it generates thermic layers composed of ventilation channels and air chambers. For maximum performance in adverse weather conditions.

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Thermic Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport is a garment perfect for training.

Thermic Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport is for a better control of muscle performance, a technology in which the fabric has a pattern that creates small holes where a thermal layer is created that isolates us from the cold and allows us to better regulate body temperature during physical activity. The fabric keeps the body temperature stable, saves energy and the person who uses it can stay focused on his performance. It also offers great breathability and comfort keeping our body in top performance conditions for longer in adverse weather conditions. Its seamless comfort facilitates total free movement and prevents irritation.

Thermic Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport is made of 3D knitted fabric, which make it to generate thermic layers composed of ventilation channels and air chambers. Thanks to these different layers, the shirt allows a flow of ventilated air and acts as a thermic regulator between the athlete and the outside air. The outside air is thermostatically regulated before it reaches the skin and the sweat is easily evaporated. As a thermoregulator, it also absorbs sweat out so that the body does not overheat. Body temperature is maintained at 37° when cold air is thermostated before reaching the skin. The seamless design also allows maximum comfort, total freedom of movement and also prevents any rubbing or friction.

Thermic Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport has areas of light compression that ensure a correct position during the effort keeping the shoulders aligned and thus increasing breathing and improving oxygenation during and after the effort to improve recovery. The shoulders and the upper body alignment are guaranteed thanks to a rotating control platform in the frame. This model includes 3D zones that provide compression, optimum shock absorption as well as an anti-vibration effect.

Facts of Thermic Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport

  • The hydrophobic fiber evacuates the sweat.
  • Facilitates perspiration.
  • Seamless.
  • Offers a light compression that allows a correct position.
  • Provides effective protection against bacteria.
  • Avoids bad smell and irritations.
  • Sophisticated style. It feels nice.
  • Good elasticity.

Thermic Short-sleeved Shirt from Compressport is a very versatile garment that offers us a very interesting and effective thermoregulation system. Ideal for any athlete looking for a garment to wear during all seasons of the year and be remarkably in situations of maximum effort. Developed for competitions and also for training, even a quiet one.

Recommended use: as a sports accessory, wear during training or competitions.

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