3D Thermic Seamless Gloves for Running from Compressport helps keep hands in optimum temperature conditions in winter time. They adapt perfectly to the hand. There is no sensitivity to the fingers. Its making using three types of fiber helps maintain perspiration.

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3D Thermic Seamless Gloves for Running from Compressport, ideal to protect against the cold.

3D Thermic Seamless Gloves for Running from Compressport gives a great benefit to those who do outdoor sports, such as jogging. Undoubtedly, the latter is a sport that needs great freedom of movement, so it is recommended to wear light clothes continuously. This does not cause major problems in summer times or other times of the year in which temperatures do not go down exaggeratedly.

However, in winter things are different. It happens that many runners are prevented from carrying out their running routines because the weather hinders their comfortable performance. Therefore, they are usually wearing long and light pants, instead of the typical shorts. The upper extremities also demand protection against the cold, especially the hands that are also in constant movement by the swinging of the arms. To keep both hands at a tolerable temperature, 3D Thermic Seamless Gloves for Running from Compressport has been created. They are light and hardly felt, as they are made of a material that fits perfectly to the anatomy of the hands.

At very low temperatures, it is common for hands to be the most affected body part by the weather. That is why people often put their hands to their mouths and blow them to give them some warmth through their breath. However, the best in these cases is to protect them. To do this, a garment is required that helps them to preserve the temperature and at the same time be comfortable, that does not hinder the movement of the fingers, phalanges and palm. To that effect, it is best to have high quality gloves that allow all the benefits mentioned above. However, for running, they should be ultra light and also that do not cause discomfort or distractions. These gloves transpire quite well, do not accumulate sweat at all. They help keep hands temperature in optimum condition. In addition, they do not cause friction or cause allergies to the skin. That way, they are a perfect accessory for running.

Facts of 3D Thermic Seamless Gloves for Running from Compressport

  • Designed for outdoor running
  • Fits the anatomy of the hand perfectly
  • No seams that would damage the skin
  • No sensibility in the fingers
  • Allows perspiration
  • Maintains finger temperature
  • Perfect for winter and cold weather

With these gloves you can be sure that the winter weather will not numb your hands. They are comfortable, ergonomic, elegant and perfect for outdoor activity.

Recommended Use: wear for training outdoors, that way you get all its benefits and comfort.

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