Coconut syrup from Coconut Merchant is a coconut-based syrup, which uses only natural ingredients, with organic coconuts from the Philippines, which provides a delicious coconut flavor and thus becoming a sweetener suitable for vegans, free of gluten and dairy products.

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Coconut syrup from Coconut Merchant, product suitable for vegans.

The coconut is the tropical fruit that we all know for its particular appearance, coming from coconut palm, the palm that is cultivated all over the world, is characterized by its shell of great thickness and by the two inner layers. Inside, it has the fruit pulp, which is used to produce many well-known products, such as coconut water, butter, oil and even coconut rice, this fruit, especially coconut milk, are widely used in the preparation of beverages, cocktails and also recipes, because its taste can be perfectly integrated with other ingredients regardless of whether they are bitter, sweet or salty, it is noteworthy that in some countries the coconut is considered a tree of life, since it allows to obtain all type of foods and indispensable elements so that a person can live on it.

For this reason, Coconut syrup from Coconut Merchant uses this great fruit to prepare a delicious Coconut Syrup, using 100% natural ingredients, with coconuts from the Philippines, in addition to using sap from coconut palm flowers (this sap contains 80% water, 15% sugar and 5% minerals, so the heat is used to evaporate the water, it must be heated, so that the sap changes color and goes from being a translucent liquid to a dense and dark brown substance), using all the ingredients of the coconut, all this has an effect in the texture and delicious flavor of this syrup, being ideal to be used in breakfasts or drinks, replacing the traditional sugar syrups, also due to its vegetable origin is a sweetener suitable for people who follow vegan diets. It also provides nutrients and minerals (iron, zinc and potassium) from coconut.

Facts of Coconut syrup from Coconut Merchant

  • 100% organic coconuts from the Philippines.
  • 100% natural and ecological.
  • Provides nutrients.
  • Free of dairy products and also gluten.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Great texture similar to molasses.
  • Great versatility, perfect for baking, pancakes or drinks.
  • Delicious coconut flavor.
  • Natural sweetener.

Coconut syrup from Coconut Merchant is ideal for those people who want a syrup with a different flavor that makes them feel the flavor of coconut in a delicious syrup, in addition, to be ideal also for those who want an alternative to sugar syrup. All this makes this product very versatile as well as special as it can be included in shakes, pancakes or use for baking.

Recommended Use: it can be used for mazamorras, pancakes, drinks or baking. Use to taste.

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