Syrup 0% by Clarou is a calorie-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free sweet sauce with a delicious strawberry, chocolate caramel or mango flavor ideal to accompany meals, beverages and desserts. It is perfect for people who have special diets for weight loss, maintenance or definition. Each container contains 330ml.

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    Syrup 0% by Clarou, give your usual dishes a different flavor

    Syrup 0% by Clarou is the most delicious and healthy way to give a different touch to the typical dishes of diets for weight loss or maintenance of body weight. It is made without sugar or fat, and it does not contain lactose or gluten either.

    It is ideal to accompany light desserts, breakfasts such as pancakes, salads and even protein shakes. There are four delicious flavors made with natural ingredients that will undoubtedly delight the most refined palate. You can choose from the traditional ones: chocolate, strawberry and caramel, or the exotic mango flavor.

    Clarou created its Syrup 0% specifically to help and motivate consumers to continue a healthy lifestyle and with diets for weight loss, maintenance and definition. For this reason each serving of Syrup 0% is calorie-free without affecting the taste or sweetness that characterizes a good syrup. Some studies claim that commonly weight-loss diets generate certain mood alterations as they restrict many foods, this affects people's motivation and causes them to abandon healthy eating regimes.

    To avoid people getting bored and give up having a balanced diet it is advisable to vary the flavors of the dishes. Adding Syrup 0% by Clarou, no doubt, is a smart way to eat as usual with a twist. Each container of Syrup 0% contains 330ml of the most exquisite sweet sauce with no calories. It is easy and quick to consume, so it is always ready to flavor your favorite foods, just shake and serve. If you add it to your favorite desserts or sweets with low calorie and low fat fats you will be able to consume a healthy snack at any time of day and thus have full control over your weight. In this way you will satisfy your desire for something sweet in a healthy and balanced way. Due to its composition, Syrup 0% by Clarou does not increase cholesterol. Syrup 0% by Clarou is your best ally to continue your diet and please your taste buds without feeling guilty or bored with traditional flavors. Eating healthy no longer has to be a torture.

    Syrup 0% by Clarou Properties

    • 0% calories
    • Gluten free.
    • 0% sugar.
    • Lactose free.
    • Possibility to choose among four flavors.

    Add a different flavor to the dishes of your diet and manage to have the body you have always wanted without giving up the most pleasurable flavors. Accompany your meals, drinks and desserts with Syrup 0% by Clarou. This is the ideal ingredient that can never be lacking at home.


    Recommended Use: Shake before using. It can be consumed throughout the day as a nutritional supplement for light foods, drinks and desserts.

    Reviews Siroup 0% - 330ml

    • 07/17/2017

    riquisimo para acompañar yogures o cualquier postre

      • 07/06/2017

      Un poco liquido para mi gusto pero muy bien en general

        • 05/27/2017


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