Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) - 500ml

Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) from Clarou is a beverage ready to drink, it is available in delicious and different flavors with an excellent texture. Being able to take it wherever you go.

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    Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) from Clarou. It is more than a shake. It is the matchless protein drink with all the nutrients that the body needs.

    Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) from Clarou is a ready-to-drink protein shake, which has an exquisite taste and texture, giving a great contribution of protein wherever you are. Protein Go from Clarou is a product of dairy origin and is considered to have a high biological profile; For each intake of this delicious drink you will be supplying to your organism fifty-three grams (53 grams) of concentrated milk protein, providing a small amount of fat and a very moderate supply of carbohydrates.

    Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) from Clarou has a low calorie profile, giving it a significant value, for those who are in a period of diet or for those people who like a healthier lifestyle, taking care of their food. This delicious protein drink has a variety of unique flavors to make your mouth water, so you do not get bored of the same and you can vary whenever you want; (Chocolate flavor, vanilla flavor, strawberry flavor, cookie flavor, black cookie flavor) with its comfortable and modern presentation of 500 ml. By its easy transport you will be able to take it to where you want to perform your trainings.

    Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) from Clarou is a complete food, it can replace a meal since it contains the necessary nutrients that the body needs to be able to perform with vitality and full capacity every sporting challenge that you set out. It can be taken before training to give the body a supply of energy, which enters the bloodstream little by little, so you can maintain a constant performance in your routines; And then to recover energy levels with a high balance. Its high quality nutritional value will be able to define the shapes you want in your body, you can slim your waist or abdomen.

    Facts of Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) from Clarou

    • Delicious and Different flavors
    • Pleasant texture
    • Fifty-three grams (53 grams) of pure milk protein
    • Can be used as a substitute for meals
    • Easy and comfortable transport so you can take it wherever you go
    • Comfortable and elegant presentation of 500 ml
    • Ideal for those who follow strict diets
    • High nutritional value

    Protein Go (Hyperproteic Milkshake) from Clarou is more than a nutritional drink that will always ensure the nutrients you need, replacing meals or not. It is an ideal product for those people who follow diets, athletes and sportsmen who need enough energy in their day to day; Or simply for people who care for their nutrition.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take a bottle divided into 2, before and after training.

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