Oatein (oat meal + whey protein) - 1kg

Oatein (oat meal + whey protein) from Clarou is a super food supplement that is designed with a formulation of oatmeal combined with whey concentrate. It is a product that provides carbohydrates with low glycemic content and high bioavailability amino acids.

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    What do you take it for? Rapid contribution of energy
    How is it taken? With water or milk
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? With breakfast and 30 min before workout
    Usos Energy

    Oatein (oat meal + whey protein) from Clarou collaborates with the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

    Oatein provides proteins, carbohydrates and fibers.

    Clarou has designed this nutritional supplement with an ideal combination of oatmeal and whey protein concentrate. Oats contain low glycemic index carbohydrates, which regulate blood glucose levels and also prevents insulin spikes. Whey protein concentrate contains amino acids of optimum bioavailability. Oatein provides in each dose around 24% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 7% fiber. It also has no added sugar or preservatives. It is a perfect product for the preparation of delicious instant shakes.

    The perfect combination of oatmeal and whey protein concentrate, brings different benefits to the body, thus achieving optimum performance. Oatmeal is an optimal source of soluble and insoluble fiber, involved in the regulation of cholesterol levels and in the balance of intestinal transit.

    Whey protein concentrate offers minerals and amino acids with high bioavailability. It is obtained through a process of filtration through the porous membranes, which is known as crossflow microfiltration (CFM), which achieves a product with low levels of fat and lactose.

    Oatein's protein has a high quality, containing all essential amino acids, and is a rich source of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). BCAAs are L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine, natural origin, and are of great importance for active people, people that practice exercises and professional athletes.

    Facts of Oatein from Clarou

    • Source of low glycemic index carbohydrates.
    • Provides high quality proteins.
    • Stimulates healthy and balanced diet.
    • Collaborates with the maintenance and development of muscle mass.
    • Covers fiber requirements.
    • Improves the digestive health.

    Oatein from Clarou stimulates the definition and development of muscle tissue in your body. It is also an energy source that reduces the symptoms of fatigue. It collaborates with the repair of muscle tissue, after performing the training.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement should be prepared by diluting 50 grams (1 measure) in 200 milliliters of water or milk and should be taken 1 or 2 times a day.

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