Alfalfa Herb - 200g

Alfalfa Herb from Clarou is a 100% natural vitamin supplement that you can accompany the meals, to have a complete vitamin and nutritional contribution. Specially recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

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    Alfalfa Herb from Clarou: food supplement ideal for those who suffer from stomach problems, because its somewhat fiber content regulates digestive activity.

    Alfalfa Herb from Clarou, in its presentation of 200 g, is a nutritional supplement that brings together all the benefits of alfalfa herb and concentrates them in capsules. This supplement is 100% natural, so you will not have to worry about any unfavorable reaction or against indication. However, it is most advisable to consume it in the indicated daily dose, or in its absence, in the amounts that your doctor of confidence tells you.

    Alfalfa is a well-known legume that provides a lot of nutrients in the diet. This plant has many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins C, D, E and group B. It also gives an extra supply of protein, which is especially helpful for those people that maintain diets with little or null presence of red and white meats. Usually, this herb can be included in meals by mixing them in shakes, soups, yogurts or by including it in fruits and vegetables. However, for those who do not have constant access to the plant, the natural supplement Alfalfa Herb from Clarou is highly recommended, since in its composition there is no chemical additive that could cause any long term damage in the health of the people who consume it.

    Facts of Alfalfa Grass from Clarou

    • This product is 100% organic. It contains powdered alfalfa herb.
    • 19% protein.
    • 2.6% fats.
    • 61% vegetable carbohydrates.
    • Gluten free and high in fiber.
    • Recommended for the vegan diet.
    • Each pack contains 200 g of concentrated alfalfa herb.
    • Perfect for people who need to supplement their diet naturally.

    Buy vitamin supplement Alfalfa Herb from Clarou, to complement your diet. It is recommended for all people, but is specially made for those who need to supplement the supply of nutrients that they do not get from food. So far, there is no known side effect from alfalfa herb intake. On the contrary, doctors and naturists recommend it for its great nutritional value.

    Recommended use: As a supplement of natural origin, it can be administered without fear of suffering any adverse effects. It is recommended to consume before each meal and during the dinners. It can be supplied for long periods of time, but it is also advisable to take intervals of time in which the body can rest, to later resume administration.

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