Protolicious from CiaoCarb is a delicious snack with a delicious flavor and soft texture to eat for breakfast or low carbohydrate snacks, and is perfect to supplement a balanced diet thanks to its high fiber and protein contents, ideal to satisfy the appetite and lead a healthy life style.

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    Protolicious from CiaoCarb, low in carbohydrates, rich in fiber and protein to supplement a balanced diet.

    Protolicious from CiaoCarb is a delicious Easter cake low in carbohydrates, without added sugars, rich in fiber and protein to eat for breakfast or snacks and enjoy a balanced diet. In addition, it is a perfect snack to feel satisfied for much longer and help control appetite during the day. CiaoCarb has strived to use healthy ingredients for the preparation of Protolicious in such a way that it is a perfect snack with a delicious taste and nutritional balance to help us lead a healthy diet without having to give up the pleasure of tasty food, allowing us to maintain the figure at all times. For greater benefits, it comes in a comfortable packet, which retains all its freshness and flavor to eat a quality product and taste the best low carbohydrate snack. 

    One of its main advantages is that it is rich in fiber, that is, it provides about 25 g per cake, making it totally suitable to control appetite, improve digestion and intestinal transit. On the other hand, foods with a high percentage of this nutrient are also suitable for people with diet plans to lose weight because they help increase the feeling of satiety for much longer and decrease the anxiety about food. Similarly, we can not forget their high percentage in protein, which are fundamental to a healthy diet, even, their consumption is associated with the feeling of satiety and repair of tissues. In that sense, Protolicious from CiaoCarb provides 30 g of protein per serving, a quantity recommended for people who want to meet daily needs, stimulate muscle development and stimulate tissue repair. Protolicious from CiaoCarb does not contain sugar or saturated fats, thus being a healthy and delicious snack to eat without remorse and in no way affect health.

    Facts of Protolicious from CiaoCarb

    • Easter cake with nice flavor and soft texture
    • Low in calories and carbohydrates to stimulate weight loss
    • High in protein for proper maintenance of muscles
    • Rich in fiber to satisfy your appetite for much longer
    • No sugar or saturated fats

    CiaoCarb foods are characterized by having more protein and less carbohydrates since it is one of the brands preferred by those who take care of their health and maintain a good physical figure. That's why, every day more nutrition experts recommend their consumption.

    Recommended Use: eat 1 cake at breakfast or as a snack. It may be accompanied by a glass of water, juice or skim milk.

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