Energy Bar from Chimpanzee is a product whose natural and healthy components give you the energy required to perform daily activities, physical training and sports activities. This delicious energy bar besides providing energy has delicious flavors available to please your palate.

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    • Lactose Free
    • Vegan
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    What do you take it for? Energy contribution (sustained release)
    How is it taken? Open and eat
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Take once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? At any time of the day
    Usos Energy

    Energy Bar from Chimpanzee

    Energy Bar from Chimpanzee is made of natural and healthy ingredients, this in combination with an incredible range of delicious flavors, premium raw material and a contribution of exceptional nutrients make it an invaluable ally in the diet of any athlete or sportsman who seeks to perform more in their workouts or physical exercises can also be consumed before starting the competition or training, in the warm-up phase, during the development of physical activities as well as in the phase after its completion or resting stage.

    It provides an amount of energy needed by the body to perform a given physical exercise as well as to replenish the energy used during its execution. To satisfy the palate of those who resort to the benefits of these energy bars, consumers have a range of possibilities such as: cashew nut and caramel energy bar, date and chocolate, apricot, lemon, raisins and blackberries and carrots and beets. Athletes and people who develop sports have at their disposal this energetic supplement pleasing to the palate and easy to assimilate.

    Energy Bar from Chimpanzee is a great ally for athletes and people who carry out physical activities whose energy consumption is very high and therefore require to replace them for the continuity of both daily life and training and skills, Chimpanzee has created these natural energy bars which are also healthy, readily digestible, rich in protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium. It is excellent for replenishing energies after physical activities. To expand the variety of its presentation and make the energy replenishment more pleasant, various versions have been created: refreshing energy bar of apricot, the sweet bar of date and chocolate, the one made of the potent carrot and beetroot, comfortable apricot bar, citrus lemon bar, cashew nutmeg and caramel and the nice bar of raisins and blackberries. This energy bar is delicious and nutritious as well as being made of natural ingredients, which guarantees a delicious and healthy experience whenever a unit is consumed. Its presentation in practical portions of 55 grams makes it an ideal bar to be consumed wherever and whenever.

    Facts of Energy Bar from Chimpanzee

    • Made of natural ingredients.
    • High protein, fiber and mineral content.
    • Contains no saturated fats or transgenic products.
    • Energizes the body.

    Energy Bar from Chimpanzee is synonym with optimum quality and health. A product that provides you with the energy you require for your daily routine, workouts or sports activities.

    Recommended use: Energy Bar from Chimpanzee can be consumed directly, before, during or after the development of a physical activity or training. Its practical pack allows you to carry it comfortably anywhere.

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