Dehydrated Chicken - 25g

Dehydrated Chicken from Indiana Jerky are strips of cured chicken meat in the form of snack, ideal for sportsmen or anyone who wants a very practical and healthy snack, since it can be carried everywhere without problems, in addition to being very healthy to be low in fat and high in proteins.

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Dehydrated Chicken from Indiana Jerky, Gluten Free.

Dehydrated Chicken from Indiana Jerky are strips of cured chicken meat, using the best quality of chicken meat to achieve a product of great quality and taste, low in carbohydrates and fats, totally free of chemical additives and gluten, in this way, guarantees a genuine european flavor to dehydrated chicken, in addition, K-Salt, high-quality sea salt that has no harmful effects on health, instead of using refined salt containing potassium iodide, dextrose and bleaching agents.

The meat cut into strips, marinated with different seasonings and dried or dehydrated are known as jerky, charqui, bakkwa, biltong, among other denominations, all these different terms that dry meat receives are due to this delicious snack exists in different cultures, which goes from indigenous communities throughout America to the Asian continent passing through Europe, being this healthy snack that favors most of the diets used for its low fat content and its high protein and energy content can be taken anywhere without worrying about its preparation, temperature or mobility.

Each Dehydrated Chicken from Indiana Jerky offers lots of protein with few carbohydrates and fats, all this without counting its delicious taste, due to its manufacturing process, first, the best chicken meat is chosen and then cut in pieces and then in thin strips, second, the strips are placed in a marinated preparation using a secret recipe of the house; third, the strips are placed in wooden grids; fourth, the meat is naturally dried for several hours at different temperatures and smoked naturally, fifth, the strips are placed in separate gaskets with little oxygen inside them, all this process is done with strict veterinary supervision.

Facts of Dehydrated Chicken from Indiana Jerky

  • Offers premium cured chicken meat.
  • Original taste of European dry meat.
  • Low in carbohydrates.
  • Low in fat, cholesterol and is a gluten-free product.
  • Free of chemical additives.
  • Use K-Sal, a healthy sea salt.
  • Offers the best quality protein.
  • Practical packing that makes this article ideal to take to trips and excursions.
  • Attractive presentation.

Dehydrated Chicken from Indiana Jerky is the ideal snack for people and athletes who follow a diet to gain low lean muscle mass is carbohydrates or low in fat, in addition, to know that they contribute to your body lots of protein with just fats and have a great flavor that only Indiana Jerky can offer, especially chicken lovers.

Recommended Use: Ready to open and enjoy at any time of the day.

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