Vegetable Burger with Cereals and Mushrooms from CerealBio is the ideal supplement for those who want to consume organic food, vegetables and nutritious components suitable for a healthy diet. It generates energy and nourishes the body with minerals, proteins and vitamins in an easy, effective, safe and fun way.

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    Vegetable Burger with Cereals and Mushrooms from CerealBio, ideal for consuming a healthy and easy to prepare meal.

    Vegetable Burger with Cereals and Mushrooms from CerealBio is an excellent alternative to replace junk food with healthy food. These are delicious hamburgers with high energy components that completely complement the intake of proteins, minerals and vitamins so necessary for our body. Its components, in addition to having a completely ecological origin, free of preservatives, colorings or some type of chemical compounds, offer proteins of high biological value; As well as providing essential carbohydrates and fiber to raise energy levels in the body, fight constipation, reduce the risk of colon cancer, help regulate cholesterol and sugar levels in the body.

    This proves to be an ideal food for athletes, and for all those people who want to lead a balanced and healthy diet due to its balanced calorie breakdown comprising 43% fat, 46% carbohydrates and 11% protein; Allowing harmonization of the organism, helping its correct operation and generating the energy necessary to lead a healthy life. Many people believe that adapting to a balanced diet implies a great effort and commitment to comply with rigorous dietary plans; However, there are numerous alternatives to consume healthy, organic, vegetarian and very delicious foods without any problem. This vegetable burger can be refrigerated easily and with just a few minutes in a pan will be ready to accompany some delicious vegetables or legumes. On the other hand, for those who opt for a vegetarian diet, this product is the best option to compensate for the levels of fat, carbohydrates and proteins that the body needs for optimal performance. Finally, Vegetable Burger with Cereals and Mushrooms from CerealBio is the perfect ally to motivate the consumption of organic and natural foods in children.

    Facts of Vegetable Burger with Cereals and Mushrooms from CerealBio

    • Very nutritious food, an energetic, vitamin and mineral supplement perfect for the organism.
    • It is made from ingredients that come from organic farming.
    • 100% vegetable product; It has no preservatives or chemical components.
    • Rich in fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

    Vegetable Burger with Cereals and Mushrooms from CerealBio is a delicious vegetable food perfect to accompany with vegetables made from millet, mushrooms and bulgur. This 100% organic product includes two vegetable burgers of 100 g each, which not only represents an excellent substitute for meats and junk food; But is also very easy to conserve and prepare.

    Recommended use: a daily consumption of a hamburger allows a balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats for the body.

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